October 9, 2015 – busy days

Boy it has been busy, Yesterday I went and talked to Sol’s class about Canada. The kids were great and I really enjoyed it.  Told them about Poutine, Chip Wagons, Loonies and Toonies, and all kinds of things.  Worked out well. Two of the girls walked me down to the main door to leave and told me the one was from Toga and had visited Africa last summer and wants to return. Her parents speak French.   The other lived in Cambridge England as well as Kenya and some other places but now they are in DC and hope to stay there for a very long time.  They were great and friendly.

Today was suppose to be fun day with the girls but as luck would have it Asta was very tired after not sleeping well last night  and her sister was the same. I think Mom has been away long enough and they really want her back.  We did go out for lunch at Mark’s Kitchen which I think they might have enjoyed.  I thought it was so-so.  Neither were able to eat everything in their kids meals so we skipped Gelato which I had been looking forward to but did go to the Ace hardware store and bought their daddy a broom for the kitchen.  It was funny watching them carry the broom home. The handle proved to be quite the challenge to each of them. But they got it home.

The rule was at least one hour of quiet time because company was coming this evening.  Little Bear fell asleep and had about the  2.5 hr nap and Sol read quietly and then went to the basement to watch netflixs.  I think I slept about an hour. Felt better today than I had in quite a while due to a good nights sleep.  Ian came home early from work so I went out shopping by myself and got some things for dinner as well as more food for my trip tomorrow.

This evening Ian’s old friend Tom from school arrived with his three children. They are so cute and nice.. It is fun having them and at 9:30 now they are all bedded down which is a miracle since an hour ago they were wild men and woman storming around the place.  I did not have to move out of my space so will get to bed relatively early and then get up and hit the road at a reasonable time.

I am heading for Canada in the AM and am looking forward to Canadian Thanksgiving dinner on Sunday at the Allins. They have such a great day there and the family spirit is wonderful.

So here is some more of Charles Diary.  I know for some it might be more interesting to read about WWII but I needed a break from that.  I find the day to day life so interesting.  They got together so often and they took care of their neighbors and knew their neighbors.  I could not tell you the names of at least 50% of the people on our two streets when the kids were young I knew everyone.  And if someone were dying here I would read about it in the newspaper.  Could make one long for the old days when your community was what you had for support.  And if someone were dying they of course were at home and the neighbors would come and reach out, doing chores, bringing food etc.

March 1899

March 1 – Stevens here. Dr Gardiner comes to vaccinate – smallpox scare – pupils. Kept Jim Stevens and I busy carrying children out. So many fainted. Madeline among them.
March 2 – Dr. Gardiner stays for tea with us.
March 3 – Friday – Fergus gets ride home with Dr. Gardiner who was vaccinating Fergus’ pupils. Steven’s go home.
March 4 – Snow again.
March 5 – Rain today. Anthony and Bridget Flood here today.
March 6 – Took Fergus to Woodvale. Philip Kelsey came and I hired him. 2 weeks for $4.00. Leg still bad so I have to have help.
March 7 – Very cold
March 8 – Philip K. started to work today. Madeline faints and falls on floor. Very sick after. Scares us. She has often fainted but never so sick after.
March 9 – Snowing hard. Madeline sick and arm very sore and getting worse.
March 10 – Go for Fergus. He is worried when he sees Madeline. Her very sore arm with bad spots all down her arm.
March 11 – Stormy. Fergus goes to L. and brings treats for Madeline but she is too sick to care. Very worried over her.
March 12 – Sunday – Wet and muddy. Madeline worse. Florence D. and Mark McArdle here for tea and eve. Very worried about Mad.
March 13 – Philip does not work today. Fergus thinks Madeline might as well have had smallpox as this. Madeline is a bit better.
March 14 – Tapped some trees. First lamb.
March 15 – snow and rain
March 16 – Stormy. Madeline better but won’t eat only oranges Fergus got last sat. for her..
March 17 – St. Patricks Day. Fergus home. Lots of Irish music. Emily and I played all evening.
March 18 – Lots of snow. Black sheep has two white lambs.
March 19 – Philip back. Lots of snow and sleighing again.
March 20 – Philip takes Fergus to school in cutter. Madeline better and wants to go to school but Fergus said not to let her until arm heals up. She is very lonesome when he leaves.
March 21 – Took oak to Gan. Pd Fergus’ insurance $8.05.
March 22 – more snow
March 23 – now it is rainy. Philip out for shingle wood.
March 24 – Fergus home. Emily and I go to Lees for eve. Fergus and Madeline at home.
March 25 – Philip and I go to Lyndhurst. Picnic profit 1.7. John Willis dead.
March 26 – Sunday – Fine day. Arthur Slack, Jim and Maggie McDonald here. Jim as quiet as ever.
March 27 – Ellen took Fergus to his school. And I tapped 80 trees.
March 28 – Gather sap. Good run.
March 29 – Rain last night but cold again.
March 30 – cut shingles forenoon.
March 31 – Emily and I go to Lyndhurst.

April 1899

April 1 – Fergus Birthday. Sap boiling day. Madeline glad to have Fergus for holiday. For such a difference in age they are so good to each other.
April 2 – Easter Sunday. Ellen here. Too stormy for other visitors.
April 3 – Get first fish. Fergus goes to Mike Slacks.
April 4 – Milk meeting at Tyes. Fergus, Emily and Madeline go to John McArdles.
April 5 – Syruped down 5 gals.
April 6 – Ellen, Emily, Fergus and Madeline go to Slacks. I worked in sugar bush.
April 7 – Chas and Mike Slack here all night. Keep fiddle busy.
April 8 – Saturday – Rainy. S. Chapman back.
April 9 – Roads getting bad and I take Fergus to Fodey’s.
April 10 – Bad weather. Bad roads.
April 11 – Emily went to Berry’s. They are in a bad way. She takes food.
April 12 – big thaw.
April 13 – Worked at shingles.
April 14 – went for Fergus. Take Madeline.
April 15 – Borrowed hay from Mrs. Burns.
April 16 – Herb and Florence here all day. Always glad to see them. Also Donnelly boys seen and home?
April 17 – Gathered sap.
April 18 – Mr James Berry, wife and Edith moved away. In bad staits. Edith to work at Dave Greens.
April 19 – Arthur Slack and Annie Fodey married today. Fine day.
April 20 – Emily, Madeline and I go to Donnellys.
April 21 – Bad wind blew down fences so I have to fix them.
April 22 – Emily set eggs today.
April 23 – Sunday – Fergus and I visit at Slacks.
April 24 – Emily and I go to Lyndhurst. Edith serves her at Greens.
April 25 – Brought in spouts and buckets from bush. Arthur Slack and bride here for tea and eve.
April 26 – started ploughing.
April 27 – stormy day.
April 28 – Fergus home. Got a horse collar from Lappan.
April 29 – Fergus and I went to Seeley’s Bay. Got buggy wheels at Gilberts.
April 30 – Sunday – Ellen, Emily, Madeline and I go to Mass. Had dinner at Lena’s. Fergus at Slacks for the day.

May 1899

May 1 – Young cattle out to pasture. Mary Ellen and Mike Judge here
May 2 – Kelsey and E. Bracken bring young cattle to our pasture for summer. Mrs. Plunkett here.
May 3 – Stevens twins here for day.  (Marcus and Maurice)
May 4 – Ann Townsend home from Rochester and spends day.
May 5 – Heavy frost.
May 6 – Allen Earl here for dinner. Graham Church dead.
May 7 – Sunday. Jim McDonald, Mother Margaret here all day. (Margaret- Charles sister Married to James McDonald)
May 8 – Ploughed wheat ground. Emily set 17 turkey eggs.
May 9 – Emily and I go to Lyndhurst. Isiac P. cuts polies. Fergus wheeled home.
May 10 – Postcard from J. Judd in NY.
May 11 – Emily and I went to see May Slack.
May 12 – E.C. Sliter here for dinner.
May 13 – Very cold night.
May 14 – Norm (Englebert) Donnelly comes and Fergus takes him to Fodeys.
May 15 – Fergus gets his new wheel today and come home from Woodvale on it. Very happy about it and he deserves it. Emily, Madeline and I go to Athens in evening.
May 16 – In Athens at wedding of Stella Stevens and Joe O’Shea. Sadie McArdle comes home with us to spend week here.
May 17 – Pulverized today.
May 18 – Wet morn.
May 19 – showery. Madeline and Sadie friends. Sadie is much older but innocent as Madeline.
May 20 – I take Sadie to John McArdles.
May 21 – Sunday – Fergus and I go to Mass. Walter Slack here for tea and eve.
May 22 – Planted Barley
May 23 – Went to Slacks in eve. Mary very sick so we stay. She has TB and is dying.
May 24 – Mary Slack died. Emily quotes poem re Queen of the May. It seems so sad to see her go leaving a wee baby..
May 25 – Went to funeral. John and Annie here for tea.
May 26 – Finished sowing grains.
May 27 – Emily, Madeline and I go to Lyndhurst. Fergus at Teachers Institute.
May 28 – Fergus gets home from Teachers Institute where he made a fine speech. He is making a real orator.
May 29 – Planted peas.
May 30 – Bad day. Cow got hurt and a sheep died and left twin lambs. Have to bring them to house. Madeline delighted to have 2 pet lambs.
May 31 – Ploughed and worked ground.


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