October 7, 2015 – 1899 Diary and lovely day

Today was another nice day down here. Unlike yesterday when I went for a long walk I was inside most of the day.  I don’t know if I said it but yesterday I went and read stories to the pre-K class which was great fun.  Tomorrow I am going to talk about Canada to the 1-3rd grade class.  It is almost like a one room school house. Eventually I think there will be separate grades but not sure totally about that.  Sol says she spends a lot of her time doing Math because that is her favorite subject. She is doing the times tables up to 12×12.  I think I was in third grade when I learned the times tables.  Darn nice that she can just pursue what she likes doing.  She is learning how to do SUDOKU puzzles. She wanted to do one and is catching on but runs out of patience so we do a little at a time. She gets it though.

Little Bear has my interest in watching her help Dad with dinner. She likes to set the table and now remembers forks left and knives on the right.  She brought every one a glass of water and served up several of the items to put on tacos.  Then she gets busy cleaning off the table. Sweet to watch.

They are both starting to really miss Mom and acting out a bit.  But you know, as long as we stay patient I think they will survive until Mom gets home from her conference.

This morning I sat and watched a cardinal outside the window for quite a while.  Then I went up and sorted kids clothing. Got the size 3’s packed away and the summer clothing in a box for the spring.  So they have plenty to wear now and yet not so much. I don’t think they were too impressed.  The son liked it though so that is good enough for me.

I am going to put some of Charles 1899 diary on here this evening. I searched for a picture of the Woodvale School but cannot find one on line. I have a picture in a book up north but not with me here. Too bad…
January 1899

Jan 1 – New Years Day – Supper. at Ellen’s. Very cold
Jan 2 – Took Fergus to Woodvale where he is going to teach. Can board at Fodey’s. Notice from P. M. General that postage reduced from 3-2. Blustry day. Bad driving.  (Fodeys are cousins)
Jan 3 – Worked in woods. Emily, Madeline and I have tea at Ellens.
Jan 4 – Wet day. Frost …??? of ground. Will Moorehead here for tea and evening.
Jan 5 – Mud, mud. Kate Bass here for dinner. Mrs Berry and Sadie here for tea and evening.
Jan 6 – Stormed all day. Fergus home.
Jan 7 – Saturday – Blustry. Draw up wood for Ellen.
Jan 8 – Bad storm.
Jan 9 – Take Ferg
Jan 11 – Too blurred to copy
Jan 12 – Cold. Spent eve at Dave Townsends.
Jan 13 – Emily drives to Woodvale to get Fergus. Rainy.
Jan 14 – Very wet. George Bryan here for eve. Sampson Andress here.
Jan 15 – No frost. Fergus drives buggy to his uncle John McArdles. John Dillon here most of day.
Jan 16 – Monday – 1899 – Frozen ground and I take Fergus to Woodvale with cutter. Warm afternoon.
Jan 17 – Emily, Madeline and I spent eve at Lappans. She serves us her specialty. Dough Boys.
Jan 18 – No frost. No driving sleigh. Lena MacNamee here and Ellen goes home with her. Frank Slack here for tea time. She is very nice.
Jan 19 – Fine day. No snow. Had ???… Bee drawing my wood. I mailed in Application for fishery Inspector. Emily prays I get it. She thinks I am working too hard.
Jan 20 – Fergus was to stay over night but he decided to cross ice. Larose drives him rest of way. Ellen warns him against ice.
Jan 21 – Fergus goes to Lyndhurst and to Berrys in eve.
Jan 22 – Sunday 1899 – Fergus and I to Mass. In eve Madeline and I take him back to ice. Both E’s (Emily and Ellen) worried but it is safe and short.
Jan 23 – Draw straw from Killingbeck.
Jan 24 – Work at Annies desk. This eve we are alone and Madeline reads and wants her mother to read Damien and Pythias. She does and Madeline thinks it is wonderful.
Jan 25 – Very cold. Dave Townsend tries to sell us mineral rights on his place. Frank Slacks horse killed.
Jan 26 – Big wind. Emily scared. Arthur Slack and J. Murphy here for tea.
Jan 27 – Very cold. Fergus home
Jan 28 – Very stormy.
Jan 29 – Fine day but no roads. Frank Slack, May???? and Arthur here.
Jan 30 – Fergus chanced it back.
Jan 31 – Tuesday – Fine day. Emily goes to Berrys.

Feb 1 – Letter from J. Bell re mines. Dave Townsend received leases for us to sign but not satisfactory so we refused to sign.
Feb 2 – Candlemas Day. Fine and bright. Emily and I went to John McArdles. Found Ellen very sick on return.
Feb 3 – Fixed bobsleds. Ellen better. Went for Fergus
Feb 4 – Saturday – Emily and I to Lyndhurst. Emily buys Fergus pr pants 1.00 and herself boots for 1.50.
Feb 5 – Emily and I went to see Kate Donnelly who is sick. Poor roads.
Feb 6 – Took Fergus to Woodvale. Joanna and Annie at Ellens.
Feb 7 – Storm
Feb 8 – Emily and I go to prt??? at Richie Singltons. Helene and Madeline stay awake.
Feb 9 – Went to Clayton to help Jack Killingbeck move. Stayed all night at Geo Parkers.
Feb 10 – Started on at daylight. Reached destination by 9 am. I came home after horses running away in Lansdowne.
Feb 11 – Tired today. Lee fixes bobsled. Dance at Lappans.
Feb 12 – 1899 – Sunday. Cold. Emily and Madeline go to Berry’s as Mrs. B and Edith very sick.
Feb 13 – Took Fergus to school. Cold
Feb 14 – Drew logs to L., St. Valentines Day.
Feb 15 – drew logs to L.
Feb 16 – Fine day. Go to Athens. Take jug of vinegur to J. Stevens.
Feb 17 – Emily sick. Fergus home
Feb 18 – Emily better. Take a load of logs and brought load of lumber home. Load tips over on Long Bridge pinning my leg. Horses just wonderful. Stood so quiet as I screamed for help. Collie the dog so excited at home caused Fergus to go out to gate and he heard me. Also Lappan heard. Terrible pain.
Feb 19 – Leg very bad
Feb 20 – Emily takes Fergus to school. Mike Slack comes over to help out. Kate and Mrs McEvoy come to Ellens.
Feb 21 – Fine morn – could not sleep for pain. They get my lumber home. Larose and Lappan.
Feb 22 – Ground thawed out. I can step on foot today.
Feb 23 – Leg very sore. WJ Burns and WB Webster here for tea and eve. Latter gives instructions re fishery Inspector job so I have it. Eli Beers call to see if I would hire him.
Feb 24 – Franklin here to tell me to start Monday. Fergus home.
Feb 25 – Damp wet day.
Feb 26 – Sunday. No sleighing. Fergus spends eve at Berrys. Sadie gives him her rubber boots. Rainy eve.
Feb 27 – was able to sit in buggy and drive Fergus to his school.
Feb 28 – Jim Stevens and Mary here to see me.


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