October 6, 2015 – more of Charles O’Connor’s diary

Been thinking a lot about family and how we got to be the way we are.  What is part of me that came from which parent or grandparent?  When I read old letters and gather pictures n my mind of who these people were and what traits did they have I start to see patterns.  Anxiety was nothing I ever saw in my Dad but eventually recognized in my Mom and her grand aunt and great aunts.  I see lots of that going around on that side of the family.  So maybe that is just a genetic thing some of us have to deal with although it could be some PTSD or what ever.  Society is so stressful today and the pressure on people is enormous.

But then there are the examples of political activism on both sides of our family and civic participation in organizations and charities.  I see so much of that in the family and I know it comes from both sides in my own family.  My parents were always out doing things for organizations as were my grandparents and some of my great grandparents.  So I believe it is one of those gene imprint things that even when you don’t want to really be out doing things you just do because it is what we do.

Anyway, as you read through Charles Diary you will see that he and his family were so involved in the community and in groups that worked for the good of the community whether it was the school board or an agricultural society, or a political organization.  They were leading by example and my grandfather learned that from them and carried it on in his generation and his children did the same and his grandchildren and great grandchildren.  I think that is pretty neat.

There are some references to relatives in these months and many I identified last night. If I see any standouts that were not in the first few months I will note it here. The Slacks lived down on Black Rapids Road in the big farm on the left just before the road turns to the right. Where the stone Humpty Dumpty Egg was before moving down to Bryans further down the road. Percy Flood was a son of Bridget O’Connor and Anthony Flood  – they had 8 children.. Many of the others mentioned were neighbors on the roads, either the Lyndhurst Road or the Long Point Road.  Lottie, Henry and Leo were Charlotte O’Connor and her husband Henry and only son Leo. They lived in Watertown.  Mary O’Connor Desmond was married to John Desmond and lived near Canton New York. They had 10 children.

September 1898
September 1 – Wm Gilbert and Reta here all day. Emily delighted to see Reta. Fergus goes to Athens.
Sept 2 – Fine day. Fergus returns.
Sept 3 – Fergus and I go to Seeley’s Bay to see school. Madeline has a party of little girls – a belated birthday party
Sept 4 – Jim and Mary Stevens and stayed over night. Hot.
Sept 5 – Took Fergus to Crosby about school
Sept 6 – Fergus and I go to Athens.
Sept 7 – Cleaned up grain etc.
Sept 8 – Thursday – helped J Bryan to Plough
Sept 9 – Fine warm day
Sept 10 – Emily, Madeline and I go to Donnelly’s.
Sept 11 – Sunday – we all went to Delta. Lottie, Henry and Leo come home with us. (Palmers)
Sept 12 – Ab Cook here
Sept 13 – Helped LaRose to thresh. He had bad time to get help.
Sept 14 – Rainy, clears and I pick off corn.
Sept 15 – Cut corn. Ellen comes home from McDonalds.
Sept 16 – Went to Athens for Fergus.
Sept 17 – Worked at corn.
Sept 18 – Henry and Lottie here all day
Sept 19 – Monday. – Henry takes Fergus to Athens. Letter from sister, Mary Desmond – warm.
Sept 20 – All go to Lena Flood and Frank McNamee wedding. Had a real good time.
Sept 21 – Henry and Lottie and Leo come back with us.
Sept 22 – Husked corn all day.
Sept 23 – Biggest rain of season
Sept 24 – Fergus take Lottie to L.(Lansdown or Lyndhurst) Henry and I go to Seeley’s Bay.
Sept 25 – Fergus and I go to Mass
Sept 26 – Henry takes Fergus to train
Sept 27 – Tuesday – I take Lottie, Henry and Leo to MacIntosh Mills and was gone all day.
Sept 28. Dig potatoes
Sept 29 – Vons??? Deputy RD at school all day.
Sept 30 – Dug potatoes ????….. for 2

October 1898

Oct 1 – Madeline and I go to Lyndhurst
Oct 2 – Quiet day. St. T. brothers here
Oct 3 – Monday – went to see Lansdowne trustees.
Oct 4 – Wet day. Go to Lyndhurst
Oct 5 – Went to Tom Bryan’s wife’s funeral. Marrahal????
Oct 6 – Order bell for school  (we have that bell on the school house today)
Oct 7 – Took load of cheese to train
Oct 8 – Fergus goes to Lyndhurst
Oct 9 – Sunday – All went to Annie and John’s. Fergus, Maria, Ellen, Emily, Madeline and I.
Oct 10 – Helped Larose to thresh
Oct 11 – Very wet blustery day.
Oct 12 – Ground soaked.
Oct 13 – Went to train to meet Mary Stevens and Eulalie coming for a visit
Oct 14 – Rain all day. Visited with Maria and Mary
Oct 15 – Took Maria, Mary, Eulalia and Madeline to John McArdles.
Oct 16 – Sunday – fine morn.
Oct 17, 1898 – Ploughed today
Oct 18 – Emily, Madeline and I spend eve at Berry’s. Feel so sorry for them. She makes best of things.
Oct 19 – Wet day. Notice from Steinburger & Co that bell for school house shipped to Gan.
Oct 20 – Ploughed. Emily picks out corn husks
Oct 21 – Rained, went to train for Fergus
Oct 22 – I went with Fergus to Athens and bought him a suit of clothes from WJ Burns.
Oct 23 – Sunday – Emily, Madeline and I go to Tom McConnells. Invited for dinner.
Oct 24 – Emily, Madeline and I go to Pittsburgh.
Oct 25 – Fine day. Mr. Berry here
Oct 26 – Mr Dall here then Joe Bevins bring Rev O’Connor Denton. Great visitors.
Oct 27 – Thursday – Bob Green brought Bell from Gan. Emily and I go to Delta to Reform convention. Percy Flood comes home with us.
Oct 28 – Bad day. Rain through.
Oct 29 – Ploughed and drew wood up. Very cold
Oct 30 – George Lee here. Percy goes home with Lena and Frank.
Oct 31 – Finished digging potatoes. Goes to Lyndhurst with Fergus to train.

November 1898

Nov 1 – Emily and I go to McArdles
Nov 2 – All Souls. I sent in application to J J Burns.
Nov 3 – Frank Thompson here for dinner
Nov 4 – Went for Fergus after busy day.
Nov 5 – Went to Sweets Corners about school for Fergus. Kate Donnelly and Miss Brennan here day. Miss Brennan the teacher at Leo Lake brings Madeline a lovely doll.
Nov 6 – Fergus and I go to Mass. Had dinner at B MacNamee. Kate Bars….???? and Ulla????? here. Fergus to Athens
Nov 7 – Monday – Went to South Lake to find out about school. Emily praying every night for him to get a good school. Had dinner at Kellys.
Nov 8 – Went to factory $21 for milk.
Nov 9 – Went to Frank Slacks and to Dave Townsend’s afternoon.
Nov 10 – Cheque for $12 from WH Fredenburg. Snow and sleet. Cows in stable first yet as it has been fine.
Nov 11 – Lots of snow this morn. Drew milk by sleigh. Madeline, Emily and I go to Lyndhurst. Fergus home ——- —–. Wm Berry pay for cattle pasture.
Nov 12 – Fergus goes to Seeley’s Bay. Denny McEvoy and I to Lyndhurst.
Nov 13 – Ellen here for dinner. Denny too.
Nov 14 – Monday – Took Fergus to Station. Emily sends $25 to K and Rogers Kingston.
Nov 15 – Stormy Day
Nov 16 – Drew out ashes today.
Nov 17 – Lappan butchers for me.
Nov 18 – Emily and I went to Elgin. Tea at John Dwyers.
Nov 19 – Saturday – Went to R.E. Tyes to buy chains.
Nov 20 – Wet day. Slacks here in eve.
Nov 21 1898 – Ploughed all day.
Nov 22 – Arthur and Mike Slack here for tea and the eve.
Nov 23 – Went for Fergus, Sadie Bryan, and Miss Doolan here in eve.
Nov 24 – Thanksgiving day – Thursday. – Went to McPhersons.
Nov 25 – Fergus, Emily and Ellen went to Slacks. Madeline and I at home.
Nov 26 – Stormy day I fixed a place for Gus.
Nov 27 – At home. Jerry Townsend here.
Nov 28 – Monday – Paid school election fee.
Nov 29 – I went to Woodvale about school. Emily goes as far as Slacks. The trustees agreed to hire Fergus for next tern. Emily so pleased.
Nov 30 – Went to Tom Emersons.

December 1898

Dec 1, 2 – no entries
Dec 3 – Went to Lyndhurst ….. …….. fan. Ellen, Annie and Madeline went with me. Annie got Madeline a doll. For a wonder as she and John are close fisted due to older …. I guess.
Dec 4 – Nane Donnelly and young Scott here. Stayed all night. Big snow storm.
Dec 5 – No school because of storm.
Dec 6 – Went to second Turkey Fair. 9 cents per lb.
Dec 7 – Went to John McArdles.
Dec 8 – Holy Day and my birthday. Sadie Bryan and her aunt Miss Doolan spend day here.
Dec 9 – painted for Ellen.
Dec 10 – 31 paper in Dad’s book so torn, thin and dim I have to leave it.

IMG_4601 Family_of_Charles_and_Emily_McArdle_O_Connor Emily_McArdle DSCN0149


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