October 4, 2015 – Toys, puzzles and farmers market

I was too tired to write last night after the drive down here.  I had awakened at 5:30 am in a panic and could not get back to sleep..  My stomach calmed down around 9:30 and I was able to get away shortly there after.  After all the weather scare all week about heavy winds and rain it did not happen.  I got here around 4ish and surprised the kids since I could not get bars on my phone so could not call them to say I was in the neighborhood.

As we were unpacking Sol grabbed one of her presents and opened it and was happy as a clam.  I told her no more until later.  Turns out the Friends Lego set is just her thing.  She was able to follow the directions and put together everything herself.  She and lIttle Bear spent time playing with it and other Lego set characters they have. After dinner she got the rest of the presents and was so happy.  They were up late putting together the larger Lego Friends set – a Vet hospital – so bed time was a little hairy.

Turns out Ian’s training does not start until Tuesday so tomorrow they will take care of the coming and goings.  Then Tues, Weds, and Thurs I am in charge to dropping off and picking up from school.  And as it turns out school is closed on Friday for teacher conferences so the girls and I are going to have a day together.  I figure we will go to the play ground, out for lunch, movie time and then more outside play time.  They are hard to get away when they are playing with their legos and other toys.  They are so imaginative and get into playing very seriously.

We stayed up chatting last night so it was around 1 when I went to sleep and then the same thing happened again as the morning before. Woke up early in a panic.  Did some breathing and relaxation and eventually took some medication to slow things down a notch.  Don’t have a clue what the stress is about but I find it entirely too annoying. Going to try and figure somethings out and maybe go up to the Coop tomorrow and pick up some natural cures. Drinking lemon/ginger tea to try and keep the stomach calm.

I have a theory about what is happening but it does not make a great deal of sense to me.  It has been almost two years since my last attack of dry heaving and not being able to eat. Every time I have to travel I am afraid it will happen again after getting one in Seattle which I had known was coming on in retrospect since for a month before the symptoms had been happening – drop in appetite, trouble sleeping etc.  My doctor says I have a right to feel anxious since that was darn scary out there. The other two attacks were when I was at home and perfectly happy except for the symptoms which started the month before each attack.  The first was after my gall bladder surgery and I was sure that it had something to do with that but the surgeon did not want to hear that. And they found 18 polyps in my stomach and I figured that was it.But then it happened again and then again.  So who knows what the heck is the matter with me but I am sure angry about worrying about it happening again.  At this point my appetite is hearty so I don’t think another attack is coming on but how not to think about it is another thing.  Oh well.

Two letters from Sheila tonight. Figure I owe to those of you who read this to read the letters.  Tomorrow I am going to start working on putting some of the letters from the two sisters into a format for publication so it will be interesting to see how it flows.  And I might start putting some other historical information on here as well.

29 Nov 1944

Dear All:

Received letters from Mom written the 20 Nov, and Dad, Eileen, and Ferg and was so pleased and glad to get them, they were grand. I have up to date received Xmas parcels from Mom & Dad, Eileen & Mary, Ferg & Connie, Mary, Norah, Auntie May Shea, Helen O’Connor Jarrell and have loved them all.

I am wondering Mary if you would take some money from my bank account of get Carmel, Agnes, & Helen something real nice for Xmas for me, and I would appreciate it so much as I just can’t get them anything here as things are too high or too many coupons, one or the other always seems the case.

I open Helen O’Connor’s and it was a grand box with Helena Rub., face powder, lipstick and creams a grand box and I loved it.

Doylie and I went to Bournemouth, it was a 6 hr drive but we were both in high spirits so we really didn’t mind it, in fact we enjoyed it very much as it was all cross county, we left from Hayward Heath station, by way to Brighton, then to Southhampton to Bournmouth, you can see it all on a good map of England. It was all new country to me and I enjoyed it all so very much. At Bournemouth, it is wonderful, we went down to the coast and walked about a mile along the sandy sea shore and looked out over to where France is and it gave us a real thrill to think we were actually there, saw the tide come in and it was so very nice. Stewart Boyd had left so I didn’t see him, but Joe Doyle, Mary and I had a grand time just talking and fooling around. Took pictures which I shall send when we get them. It was a grant trip, even if we didn’t have much time, I enjoyed it all very much.

Well dears, this is all for now and love to you all and I miss you all.

Love Sheila

2 Dec. 1944

Dear All:

Received Mother letter of the 27th to-day, our mail is really going very well and fast, but I’m afraid you are not getting all mine, because I wrote Mom & Dad a letter, letting you how much I loved your box and Mom said in her letter she couldn’t figure out why I had not received it. I loved it each and every little parcel and as yet have not opened the unfood ones. Also received a parcel from you with soap, stockings and photo album and loved it all.

By the way on the customs slip that you paste on my parcels, you should put Patt’s address for the other address, as occasionally they get mislaid and in that way one or the other of us will get them.

Thank you very much for sending me the papers & magazines, I loved them so much, as we never see any Kingston paper around here.

So glad Hap Lorenzer arrived safely back and hope you see him soon. I shall be anxious to hear what you think of the presents I sent you.

I am coming off nites, Monday the 4th and shall not be sorry, in fact I shall be very glad to get on days again. Dolyie and Suddsie are on days again. Doylie sends her love to you all and Suddsie sends hers to, says she feels she knows you all, as I talk about each one of you so much, now she asks when I get a letter from Marg or Norah, she will ask about the kids. Funny but nice eh?

Well dears, shall close for now and Mother dear, do take care of yourself, and I hope Eileen is much, much better now, and I miss you all very much. Shall write soon again.

Love Sheila


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