October 2, 2015 – Sad feelings and lots of questions

Yesterday I was so sad about this latest shooting in Oregon I just could not write anything. I wanted to write about my dear brother Jim who turned 77 yesterday.  He is such a good, kind soul and has overcome so much in his life but I was so upset about all this killing that I could not get into it.

I live in a wonderful country, settled by folks who were facing terrible situations back in their homelands and came here to live in freedom.  That did not work for some of the people who came here or were brought here against their will.  They are still living as second class citizens and struggle every day to get ahead.  People of privilege get ahead with life and yes they might have some struggles but the truth is they have a better chance that those without that good education and their ability to get the good jobs.  Yes they have worked hard but so many doors are open for them.

But then we come to corporations.  The NRA says they represent gun owners but it is more obvious to me these days that they represent gun manufacturers… if there is one gun for every man, woman and child in America then why do we need more guns.  Why do people need 13 guns who are not target shooters, hunters etc? And why would any of them need that many guns?  But if there were more controls on the purchase of guns who would be hurt? Not those who own guns, they already have plenty.  NO the corporations would be hurt.  They need to keep selling guns to keep their share holders happy so everyone go out and buy a bunch and lets not check on who those are buying them or what they want them for and if they pose a risk to others.  Yes, I think the NRA are representing those corporations.

Mental health treatment is needed for lots of people. Everyone could use a good therapist but that is an issue, good therapists are hard to come by in my humble opinion.  But the fact is that kids who have been under pressure from bad home situations or trauma from being bullied at school or young adults who do not fit in and have never had a friend or someone to talk to are the ones likely to do this kind of crime and how are you going to identify them. They usually do not have a diagnosed mental illness, they are not delusional, or hearing voices, they are just really angry and hurt and tired of the pain.  How do you identify those people?  But they are the ones who do these kinds of crimes and what they do have is access to guns.  This latest fellow was able to purchase at least 13 weapons legally.  He must have come across and pretty darn stable don’t you think?  If we don’t get rid of many of the guns in this country and make it harder to get them we are going to just keep going down this sad, pathetic road.  I always go back to thinking that if an angry young man could kill a room full of little kids and teachers could not bring out enough people to fight this battle to make our country safer than what will.

It was sad enough when my nieces husband was shot at VA Tech. He luckily was not seriously injured but he suffered through the loss of his teacher and his friends.  And the long term effects of family and himself over the terrible event.  Itjust goes on and on.  It makes me physically ill.

I will add letters from Sheila tomorrow night.  I am just upset enough not to want to add them tonight.  Will put some in tomorrow evening after I get to DC.  Going to be a long day but hopefully a good day going to see my little cutie pies.

Please be safe out there and if you have guns lock them up and put the bullets somewhere else also locked up safe.  And if you have someone in your family who is unhappy, depressed, an outsider, get them help.


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