September 30, 2015 – what is coming towards us????

First I want to suggest and remind myself although comfort foods are good for me sometimes probably not a good idea to over eat anything these days.  Last night when I got home from Tai Chi I had a bowl of pasta and cheese. My very favorite comfort food.  Turns out it was too much and my stomach was in terrible pain until about 2 am.  So it was a short nights sleep.  Silly really of me.  I ate the whole bowl although I kept thinking I was full and did not need any more but another voice kept telling me to keep eating.  I did and I paid for it.  Good thing I had no place to go to today.  Was able to take a nap for an hour in the afternoon.

Now for the big excitement.  I thought the big rain was suppose to be today – WRONG – turns out the hurricane might be coming this way. I have to drive to DC on Saturday and it is suppose to be hit dead on Saturday night. Hopefully I can leave early and get there before the worst of it hits.  Am thinking maybe i should drive inland rather than on the turnpike but we shall see how things look by Friday night.   Maybe mother nature will be good and the storm will go east and miss us entirely.

The new grass and plants outside looked really nice today after all the rain last night.  All fresh and Irish green looking.  Just a lovely view. Cannot wait for some sunshine to see who great it will look and to take some pictures.

Working on Genealogy today trying to find files out in Salt Lake that I want to read.  Found some interesting ones just don’t know if I will find any of my family on there.  Sure hope I find something that will make the trip worth while.  So many areas to focus on and as usual I am all over the place.

And finally, I am not going to say a lot about this but have to say I was upset that the Pope met with the County Clerk from Kentucky.  What a disappointment! Of all the people in the US for him to meet with.  I was sad to hear that and wonder who had advised him to meet with her.   Yes, she has the religious freedom to do what she wants but she also has to be willing to take the consequences for her actions.  Such as quitting her job rather than going against her principals.  Just not happy about this.


Dear Mom and Dad,

I’m still on nights but should be off on the 4 of December. Received lots and lots of parcels. Have received Xmas parcels from Mom & Dad, Mary & Eileen, Ferg & Connie, Marg & Allan, Norah & Milt and Auntie May Shea. Then yesterday received Choc (Laura’s) from Allan Pollerk, my that was so nice of him to send me them. I really think it is so thoughtful of him and shall write him soon.

Also received cigarettes from “Laura Cam” 405 King St. who is what??? I have absolutely no idea who she is – is she Miss or Mrs, and who is she? Maybe I should know but darn if I can think who it is.

I have Monday and Sunday off and I think I told you we are going to Bournemouth and hope we have a good time.

I shall not be sending any money home till after January now, as we – Doylie, Suddsie and Bl… and I go on leave again the 8th of Jan and we are going to Ireland. Definitely. So give me a list of places to go eh and of anything in particular you would like me to get you. Unfortunately everything is rationed over there also, so clothes or linen will be out, as we know no one in Ireland to get coupons from – so –

But we are all very thrilled about going, and hope nothing upsets our plans, this time as I should love to go.

Am still wondering if you got my Xmas presents yet, because I think Lt. Lorenzo should be in Canada by now.
I am thinking also Major Norman Wilson- Smith will be at RMC around the 5 or 6 of Dec, so don’t forget to have one the O’Connor Super dinners for him.

I have been wondering about all the latest news from Canada about conscription and just what it will mean.

Well dears, this is all for now. Love to you all, and Mother dear, do take things easy eh.

Love Sheila


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