September 29, 2015 – Getting better and what is this about the worst storm since Sandy on the way?

I just heard that the storm coming might be worst than the Sandy the hurricane was.. hard to believe since there has been nothing said about it and this weekend the weather is suppose to be terrible.. Yuck. I have to drive down south.  Also have to get some laundry dry so I guess tomorrow it will be on the rack in the kitchen since rain is going to keep coming.

Today started slowly.  Not a lot of energy and I got a couple of naps in during the day.  Would love to say I accomplished something but I guess it will have to wait until some other day. If all goes well tomorrow I will get somethings done so I can leave with a good feeling.

Went to Tai Chi this evening. Really love it and should be doing it every day to perfect the 108 moves and boy am I lazy.  Did I tell you I have been reading a lot about hypothyroidism?  I have had this condition since I was a kid.  Once took meds when I was 19 or 20 for six months and then they left me high and dry.  Next time I was diagnoses was in my 30’s.  All those years of symptoms and my body fighting with me.  My biggest memory is that if I worked really hard one day then next day I would feel like I had been run over by a ten ton truck.  Made having four kids quite the challenge.  Luckily I did not have the problem others have of having problems having kids.  Lots of miscarriages  and other problems.  Mine are just mainly energy issues, weight, dry skin, and a few other things.  I think my next step is to see an endocrinologist. Regular doctors  don’t even seem to know that there are other blood tests that are a better judge of if one is getting the correct dosage.

now a letter from Sheila to her sister Eileen.  Eileen had polio in 1944 and also was pregnant with her second daughter.

No envelope – plain white paper


My Dear Eileen:

I have been intending to write to you for so long, to tell you I have thought and prayed for you so much and hope you are better, or on the road to being alright, quick, of all the rotten luck, Liz to have to get that, you poor kid, I really think it is a shame and hope the leg is not too uncomfortable.

Mom + Dad keep me informed about Janie’s doings and she really sounds like a real little girl now. It seems hard to picture them talking and saying all the things as Mom + Dad write.

But believe it or not it is just 6 months since I left that Kingston station on the Monday night at 7:oo o’clock. It really seems an awful lot longer than that to me. That was such a queer day, I was so torn inside with the wish , of wanting to go overseas, and of wanting to stay, but I think if anyone had mentioned the fact that I didn’t have to go, I would have been off draft P.d.q.
But I am enjoying my army life to the full, and believe or not have learnt not to let little things upset me, because when I see all these lad 19 to 23, minus a leg, eye or arm and still in F.1 humour and going back to Canada, I think “what are all my worries to his huge ones.”

The Canadian lads can certainly take it with flying colours, they are certainly a grand bunch, every one of them.
I am really enjoying my work very much and you should see me around here in the morning. I take blood work, like an old blood sucker, no kidding and I really get the vein right off too – not bad eh – but here I am tooting my own horn at the speed of a hare.

Well dear this has been a queer rambling letter and it start out to be a letter directly to you and all I do is talked about “me”. Such a writer as I am. But anyway dear, do take it easy and get well and strong before you decide the apt. is dirty eh. Do take it easy and get well. I’m very thrilled over the idea of Janie having a brother of sister – what are you going to call the baby?

Must make rounds now so shall close. Give Jane a big kiss for me and all my love to the three or should I say four of you.


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