September 28, 2015 – Cough, Cough, hack hack, kachoo..

Yup, totally have a cold. Slept upstairs last night so I would not reinfect the husband.  Slept in today and took it easy and took a couple of naps.  Feel totally washed out so not sure what to write about since I feel like crap. Just sitting here watching reruns of “Castle”.  Seems I missed a lot of the shows while we were in Ireland last year etc. Now I am watching the latest Castle.   My chest is so tight that tomorrow will probably be a visit to the doctor day. She just saw me last week so go figure.  I cannot seem to stay out of their office this past 12 months.  My immune system sucks totally.

So tonight I will give you two letters from Sheila just to make up for my lack of desire to write anything.


Dear All:

I’m still on nites and now am not on but busy, have 2 medical wards, and really no sick patients so am not complaining one bit.

I received a cute letter from Stew B???? and it was perfect hearing from him. He is stationed at the same place as Doylies’ brother Joe is. So we have arranged to go down and see them this week-end. Doylie is coming off nites this weekend and shall come off Sunday morning, and goes back on Tuesday morning, so I took my night for this week Sunday & next week Monday for next week, so it shall be a nice change and so good to see someone from home.

I got a letter from a Miss M Bolger saying she was sending me a parcel to give to the boys. Now Mother, when it arrives do I write a thank you note directly to her, or to all the woman in the CWL. She wrote, “I heard from the CWL that some boys may not get Xmas parcels so sending you a box” does that mean she is sending it on her own, or through the CWL. So let me know who to thank she said I would have been notified so I’m a bit mixed as to who I’m to thank.

If there is anyone in particular you want me to send cards to, Xmas cards just tell me and I shall.

I have been hearing a lot from Pattsy, and she seems to be enjoying life to the full eh. There is no news of us moving one way or another, but for now, I’m quite with 13th.

Well dears, shall close for now, and love to you all, and wish you all were over here, or me over there, but such is life.
Miss you all a lot but know how lucky I am not have you all to miss. Hope Mom’s eyes are better, and that Eileen is a whole whole lot better,

Love and kisses. Sheila

November 1944 no day on letter but envelope looks like 21st

Dear All:

Received another parcel to-day from Mary and Eileen, and am so thrilled with all the darling parcels, they looks so sweet and exciting to say the least. I have also put it in my trunk so I shall lots to open come Xmas.

Last night was “my night to howl” we have one night a week off. So Jake Malloy (a officer pt) and I went down to the Kersgley? Cottage for a duck dinner at 7:30. It was really grand, a perfect dinner (for over here) and we sat before the fireplace and both did a great deal of reminiscing and loved it. Then we went back to his room and listened to the radio for awhile – then home to bed. It was fun and I felt much better this evening coming on duty.

Got a convoy in to-day directly from No 8, but haven’t found anyone yet who met Pattsy, but some were only there from 24 to 36 hrs, so naturally even if they saw her, they would not be sure it was her.

Tues night
Did not get this finished last night so shall to-night.

After we got up to-day went over the 3 Xmas parcels and sorted food from presents and set them apart and one of these nights so shall have a real feed with the stuff that will not keep. My the parcels are all so well done up and are so sweet, I love them all, and could just picture you doing them up.

We went out on our bic (bike) yesterday, and took a roll of pictures, but as things everything is so slow here we will not have them for 2 weeks so shall send them on then.

There is little news around here, so shall close for now, and shall write later.

Love to you all and thanks and thanks for the parcels,

Love Sheila


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