September 26, 2015 – Drug Take Back and sore feet

Today was all about Drug Take Back Day.   Got there before 10 and people had already been there dropping off drugs before the event started.  We had lots of volunteers helping between 10 and 1 which left me free to jut facilitate things.  Christina our DEA officer who has been with us since 2011 was there again and it was wonderful seeing her again.  She was prepared for a good turn out since we get a great number of folks coming every time we do the collection day.  We also had a Nisky PD officer with us and he was in charge of putting together boxes and chatting.

Once we were up and running the cars were non-stop from start until about one.  We thought maybe it would get really slow but actually it stayed pretty darn busy and in the end we counted about 235 cars had come through and at least 15 boxes filled. One fellow showed up with four large boxes of his own that were totally filled so I guess they count as well.  Very exciting for me since this is the one of the projects I really think effects the youth access to pain meds and other addictive medications as well as being great for the environment.  We also gave away Files of Life so people can put their personal info on their frig in case there is a medical emergency.  Those were well received.

At the end of the Drug Take Back I headed for the grocery store as we really needed some updating with food.  So at least we are good for a while. By the time I got home I was beat.  Good thing I had a pot of soup that I made yesterday. So we had a simple dinner while we were watching the Pope in Philly.  I ended up watching him all evening and it was inspiring.  The man is amazing and what he says hits right to home.  Loved it.

I am very tired so will post one of Sheila’s letters then hopefully the news will come on so I can see myself on TV then go to bed.  Yeah, Channel 13 interviewed me. Heard from one of my buds that it was okay.

No date but based on following letter this appears to be in sequence Also mentions her friend had to go to London on weds Nov 8 1944 and did so after that date

Dear All:

What a grand surprise I got to-day when I looked into my mail box and got 2 slips for parcels, I went over and there were Mom and Dad’s and Ferg and Connie’s. I opened them up and Doylie and Suddsie took them away from me, and stored them in my tin trunk. I was so thrilled and can’t think of waiting till Xmas to open them but know the kids will make me wait and it is best that way. I know so I shall have lots of open at Xmas.

They are starting plans for Xmas now and I guess it will be a lot of fun, first mainly because we really won’t be thinking of ourselves but of all the guys who will spend Xmas on the front or flat on their backs in all these wards.

The hospital is full again and we are very busy. I’m on Medicine which is made up of mostly chest conditions. Poor lads seemed to get shot there so often, skin cases, and a few nerve cases.

Suddsie, Doylie and Bluie and I all on nights and it is best that way, as Suddsie and I room together so we both sleep and don’t disturb one another.

We have been going out a lot with the pt. officers and Suddsie has been going with a Jack Mitchel from Winnipeg, back from France and he got the DMC medal and last week got a letter from the King. Such excitement it was it was so unreal to actually realize it was from the King, telling him to be present in Buckingham Palace, on Wed 8 Nov so Mitch was very excited and Wednesday morning off he went to see the King and it was so grand, we were all excited for him. He came back and they had a big party for him but I could not get off. Doylie and Suddsie were off and enjoyed themselves a lot.

I have Sunday night off and as yet don’t know just what to do but shall find something to do before then.

Well dears, this is all the news for now and must make rounds.

So Love to you all,


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