Sept 25, 2015 – Puppies and the Pope

Got so busy yesterday never got to writing anything.   So much to do and a day watching the Pope go through Washington DC. It was wonderful to watch on TV and I am glad I was not there. It would have been exciting but I know my feet would not have enjoyed waiting for hours.  I cannot figure out the idea of standing their for a 30 second view.  It reminded me of 1961 when I got to see John Glenn in NY City at his ticket tape parade.  I was of course very short compared to everyone else and as the car went past with John Glenn in it one of my classmates lifted me up so I could see and was able to reach over and touch the car.  Obviously the people who were in DC and NY City will never forget the experience and it really would have been fun to be in DC trying to see the Pope.

Then yesterday afternoon I went to Saratoga to go to the dog park with Norah and the puppies. I was very impressed with them. They did not need to be on leashes as they went right to the car when we left the house, then stayed in Norah’s view the entire time we were walking in the woods.  They would take off and then come right back as soon as she asked them to.  After settling them down in their crates at home we went out for dinner.   Went to Wheatfields, they have a separate gluten free menu.  We had salads, pizza marguerita, and tiramisu for dessert.  I save my occasional gluten for desserts when I eat out.  It was a great evening out and we decided we need to do it more often.  I love walking around Saratoga. Reminds me of the year we lived there and Tim, Denis and I would go for walks around the town. it was fun and still is. Love all the stores and the architecture is fabulous.

Today I went down to Trendy Tots and got some great outfits for my little girls. Really love this store.  Nothing that looks used is allowed. All the outfits are hardly worn like so many of the outfits that kids wear that their parents pay big bucks for. The only problem today was they had no dresses in the size I wanted.  So will go back Thursday to see if they have any before I leave.

Then it was back to watching the Pope. Never even took my walk today. I thought his visit to the school in Harlem was the best  The kids did a great job and the Pope looked so happy.  I hope that all that he had to say to the leaders was heard in the way it was meant to be heard.  The fighting in DC needs to stop and they need to find a way to work together.  But I fear that life will go on as it has been.  Sad, so sad..

WWII seemed to be a better thing to concentrate on.  I have said this before but so much else was happening that they could not write home about. Really too bad..

Nov 9, 1944

Dear All:

Received a grand letter from Mom and am so glad Eileen is feeling better and hope she continues to feel better.

All the time I am back working again and feel fine, had a real good rest at convalescent and feel much better for it all. I am on nights now and it is now 3:30 am and I’m in the kitchen with my feet in the stove and it is nice and warm.

Stub Brown, who was at Queens was down yesterday to see Doylie, and we had a grand visit. He had seen Pattsy at Bayeux and had seen a lot of the kids from Queens. He felt awful about Bart Newsome ,as Doylie and I did also, we all thought somehow Bart wouldn’t get it.

It was so perfect seeing him, you know someone from home, it is so funny. I just knew Stub vaguely at Queens but when we saw each other we both felt so good. He is on a 2 wk leave and then back to Belgium again. Poor lad but his nerves are really good, for all.

WE are waiting for news of Claire Kennedy’s wedding of the 4th. Poor Suddsie felt a bit blue that day as she always thought she’s be home for her wedding, and has never met the guy Claire married.

We are quite busy these days and a lot of the boys we have will be going back to the front again as soon as they are well enough.

It seems funny you people will be seeing Norm Wilson-Smith soon. He will be at RMC around the 4 or 5. Don’t forget to have a grand dinner for him, when he goes over to the house

Well dears, there is little news here. Doylie and Suddsie both send their love, they are so sweet and am so glad they are with me. Doylies brother Joe is over here now too.

Well dears, this is all for now.

Love to you all,


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