Sept 23, 2015 – Glorious Day

Wow, was today a beautiful day. I hope where ever you were was sunny, bright and just warm enough to be doing things outside but not too hot.  I walked for 30 minutes and although it was boring as could be it was nice being outside in the brightness and the sunshine has to be good for all of us.  I heard at the rate we are going this will be the second warmest September in history. Well, since they have been keeping modern records.

In the mean time I was cleaning out more drawers and cabinets.  Found some great things I had forgotten we owned.  Things I bought at craft fairs, prints that use to hang on the walls in my mom’s house, books by family members that I had put away so safely I could never have been able to find them.  And I have made some decisions about some other possessions as far as giving them away.  Every year for 30 plus years we added a Christmas book to our collection for Santa to read on Dec 23 and out annual party.  I am thinking of sending them to each of the children in the next generation on my side of the family.  There are eleven children so that might give them each two books. I might keep a few for myself since I have some personal favorites that I bought before I had children.   Husband wants me to get rid of things but anything with a history I will have to find a special place.

What would you do with old ash trays? I have some silver ones, pottery ones etc. Some are quite pretty.  I could start smoking again… but it costs too much.  I have a friend who developed asthma as an adult like me and after she quit smoking. When she went back to smoking her asthma stopped.  Do you thinking smoking could be a cure for autoimmune caused asthma????  Such thoughts.

I loved watching the Pope’s visit today.  He is so peaceful looking and yet says what needs to be said.  He has such compassion and care for others.  And the people obviously love him so much.  Then to end the day I had a great time on skype being read stories by number ! granddaughter. She read us three books. It was so much fun, She would read a page and then turn to the book to show us the pictures. Then #2 started looking at books and showing us the pictures as well. So we actually got to see five books. It was funny to watch.  They have grown up so fast.

22 Cdn Gen

7 November 44

Dear All:

Seems to me I wrote last week and forgot to mail it for a couple of days sorry – shall mail this stat to-morrow morning.

Last week had a bit of a cold so my day off was Friday and went to bed Thurs at 4:00 and stayed there till Sat morning with camphor ointment on my chest and low and behold – cold all gone. I have lived and learnt. Smart girl eh.

Sat night went out with George Wolff to a dinner party and big dance. Gorgeous dinner and actually steak and boy did I eat and enjoy it. It was grand, then went to a big dance all the English babes in evening dress – no worrying what dress I’ll wear just yet. The old buttons done is my tune and of course the shoes. My wool and my sick uniforms are now beginning to show the 1 ½ yrs I have worn them but still press up and don’t look too bad, certainly eases one’ mind on what to wear. It was a real good dance and good orchestra and George is a super dancer and I still would rather dance than eat – Hey watch that stuff, not eat. I love to do that.

Haven’t done much this week, but Monday got a letter from Roly and he expects to be back today or tomorrow. So far have heard nothing today so he probably will be in tonight or tomorrow. Haven’t a clue where he will go, probably the furthest repat station from here.

Received my Xmas parcel from Pattsy last week, a darling greenish blue sweater and a grand single strand of pearls. Lovely both of them and the sweater shall look delicious with my suit. Really delicious Mom, remember the way you used to tell me y adjectives were in the wrong use always. Still are – Frankie.

Have really done alright to-day this is the 7th letter – getting all caught up again. Find with all the changes around here. I have quite a collection to write too. Just count the family alone. Gee a whole tribe of us O’Connor’s eh.

As you have probably guessed I’m as giddy as can be to-day but it is fun. So before I ramble on and on – love to all of you – Sheila


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