September 22, 2015 – Another special birthday – thoughts

Today is the birthday of my adorable oldest Granddaughter.  She is a sweet little girl, very bright with big brown eyes and blondish hair.  She is also stubborn, a good trait at times, I love to watch her grow and develop her personality and what a nice person she is learning to be.  Called her this evening and she is having one great birthday… A few nice books, a cake, pancakes for breakfast made by Daddy and on Saturday a party for a bunch of her friends.  So really a birthday week. Nice!

I cut my Facebook time by 75% today.  Got a lot more done today.  Filled another box of items to donate to a church garage sale. Went to both Chair Yoga and Tai Chi.  I am sure tomorrow I will be very stiff.  But it feels good to be back at it.

Also today was clean out more drawers.. and watch the Pope arrive in Washington DC.  That was pretty darn nice. Cannot get over how grown up the Presidents daughters are. What nice looking kids!  Going to be interesting watching the speeches these next couple of days. For sure want to see the Popes speech to the Congress – whether they can be respectful or not.  I have concerns about the possible disrespect which would make our country look worse than it already does to the world.

I found a wonderful gift I received in 1967 from Peter Schaffeler’s cousins wife.  It is a cut little wooden toy from pre-WWII Germany. I have been thinking about it all day and believe I will give it to their family and then they will have to decide which of the three siblings gets it.  Have to set it up and take a picture.


Nov 3, 1944

Dear All:

Well I am established for 4 days in a convalescent home, it is really a beautiful estate of Col and Mrs Maitland, they have 2 children evacuated to Canada so they turned their estate in to a convalescent and open house for nursing sister. It is a beautiful estate with horses and dogs and the house is lovely. I am really enjoying it. Soft beds, breakfast in bed, lunch is lovely and tea and then formal dinner at 7:30 and the Col and Mrs Maitland still live there but are in London all day and it is a .30 hr drive from London so they come out each evening for dinner and sleep here. It is really a grant set up.

There is really no news at all, except I’m learning rapidly to live with women and like it, but I know I don’t.

By the way will you please send me my black suede purse and black suede shoes. The ones with the toe and heel out of them, as I really need them both very much, so will you send them soon. Also need corn pads, very badly, no one can ever convince me that these shoes are sensible ones, because I have corns on both little toes, for the first time in my life and never did before.

I have lost my cough completely now and am gaining weight, 118 now and really feel tops.

Mother dear, you certainly can take my doll carriage for Jane and I would like her to have them.

Norman Wilson Smith has flown back to Canada and will be in Kingston around the 2 or 3 Dec, so he shall phone you and be sure to have a super dinner and layout for him when he goes to the house, as he is such a good friend of Pattsy. Love and shall write again soon, Sheila.

Dear Mary,

Do you know this poem and who wrote it and what book it is in – it goes something like this or at least this is the general idea – you and I are like 2 pieces of clay, mold the clay together to form 2 figures, one me, the other you, break and you find piece of me with you etc, a very romantic and sweet poem, if you know what I’m talking about please write me immediately and tell me, as I have read it and have a big bet on about it and it is important that I get a hold of a book with the poem in it. Love S


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