September 21, 2015 – Birthday Boy, Facebook and WWII

The best thing today is the birthday of my first born.  He is one special fellow and holds a special place in my heart.  My other kids each hold their own special place in my heart but there is something about the first one.. So glad he had a good weekend and then dinner with his wife this evening and we went over for cake.  As a family we have gotten really sloppy about celebrating birthdays in recent years. Does not help that there are six family birthdays between Aug 31 and Sept 22. Try getting everyone together for one celebration does not let anyone feel special.  Not sure what to do about it.

Then there is FACEBOOK. I was going through it this morning I realized that there were at least 40 messages that had no comments from the posters.  They were shares, likes, forwards etc but nothing personal from the folks sending them. It takes so much time going through the postings and I have made a decision – kind of like Lent I am going to abstain from reading posts. I am going through the Notifications and if they have comments from friends about their lives I will read them. Otherwise I won’t be looking at things. Not sure if it will work but there has to be away to get away from all the forwards about politics, cats, recipes, music etc.  Lately a young friend of mine has shared pictures that were porno and I had them taken off.  This is all driving me crazy so I will post personal stuff but nothing else I promise.

Now for Sheila’s letter for today.

Early November 1944

Dear Dad and Mom:

You two were absolutely tops to me when I was leaving and of course I am realizing more each day just what a sweet and very pretty Mom I have, and what a real “cutie pop’s” my dad really is. They don’t come better, and even when I miss you most, I realize just how lucky I was to be born with just the certain Irish type that is so gosh darn nice.

By now, I know we shall not be home for Xmas but I’m quite reconciled to it all, as I know I am so gosh darn lucky not to be a man in infantry or artillery and have to spend it in the front lines, and know I shall have a pleasant Xmas here, for all.

I want you, Dad, to take that $150 Bond which shall come, made out to Bearer and to be delivered to you sometime in November, as you paid for so much when I was leaving it should help cover some of it. Now Mom, get Dad to write you a cheque for $50 from my account and that will cover some of your expense. Write soon and tell me how that suits you and if it coincides with your thoughts on the whole thing. I have written Mary about it, but know now I should have written directly to you, two cute people, hope this arrangement is all right with you. I shall not be sending any more money home for awhile because after my leave & Xmas presents I may need what I have for awhile, but come January I shall send more home then. Let me know if this money arrangement is alright with you.

I miss you all very much and love all your sweet letters, Had one from both of you this week.

– Love Sheila


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