September 20, 2015 – Love and Murder, Running and Brunching

What an interesting 24 hours we have had!  Last night we went and saw “Gentleman’s Guide to Love and Murder” at Proctors Theater.  What a great fun time! and Such talent.  We are so lucky to have the Theater and all the Broadway road shows of the top hits coming and being able to see them for a fraction of what it would cost to see them on Broadway.  It is a great, fun musical so if it comes to your town be sure and go and see it.

This morning it was an early day. Denis was running the Saratoga Palio half marathon so he was out before I was even thinking about opening my eyes.  My alarm went off at 7 but it would appear that I slept through for a while after hitting the darn noisy thing. I did find out that if I do that dreams come back to me. Last night I dreamt something about Aunt Sheila and a conversation – dream type- being had before she died. I never remember my dreams so this was quite nice.

Finally I did get up and took a shower because for some reason I thought Denis said he would finish sometime around 11. When I called Norah she told me he would finish around 10:15 so I hurried up and drove up and although we missed him finishing we did find him and the three of us went out for brunch.  He did great running today and he did not look worn out at all although I am sure he was feeling it.  One thing we learned at brunch was never order fried oatmeal again. we all tried it and even with some syrup it was not so great. I had a fruit plate with a tiny bit of yogurt and granola.  It was okay. They did not have any “gluten free” items on the menu but I figured it out and enjoyed what I had.

Then we walked back to Norah’s and along the way were admiring the homes.  I really do want to move back to Saratoga as it is such a walkable city and I could get out easily and have places to walk to without going along a major highway. There must be some year round rentals on the west side of the city that would meet our needs.  My first job is going to be to clean out this house so I am going to do an hour a day and see how I can do.  Will also get some teenagers over here to clean the basement so I can see what it would look like with a coat of paint and no junk laying around.  At this time there are three houses for sale in our circle so not a good time to put anything on the market. But come the spring if I get accomplished what I am going to attempt, then we will talk about it more seriously. I love that place.

And back at Norah’s the two dogs were happy to see us and are behaving so much better now that they are over a year old. They respond to hand commands and don’t run away outside. Very nice to see them growing up.


more commonly known as <b>saratoga</b> <b>saratoga</b> <b>springs</b> <b>new york</b> hosts some ...

now for WWII – And how the staff were treated when they got sick…. It would never happen today I am sure of that. Sounds like they were treating Sheila very well. And I love how the patients got up and wandered around visiting each other.


Dr and Mrs Fergus O’Connor

193 Earl St., Kingston On

I am still installed in the hospital, but don’t say “Poor Sheila” because I’m enjoying it all. I got a cold about 2 weeks ago, just after I came back from leave, so I broke dates and went to bed pronto @ 7:30 and got that awful deep cough of mine back again and about a week after I got the cold when it is just starting to wear off and I am feeling fine again, the people got sick of hearing me cough so stat I go to the hospital and have been here a week and am enjoying the rest to the full, absolutely no complaints at all.  I complained bitterly at first but now I just content. To-day for a change have my hair done up on the top of my head, (Glamour type)

At first I was put in the Officers Ward, and I was having myself a whale of a time, when the Colonel came around and thought it very indiscreet having male and female patients, in rooms beside each other so stat I am changed to the hut where the female M.O.’s live, but the boys troop in and out to see me and they are all a good bunch.

Carmel sent me some nuts and they arrived yesterday and was really very glad to get them as it was like beginning sick at home getting nuts, we all enjoyed them very much.

Bluie just brought my mail over and there was one from Fergie + Agnes Devine. Had a nice letter from Sister MacPherson yesterday and Auntie May Shea, the day before. Sister MacP. told me Sr. Baker was sick so I wrote Sr. Baker a letter yesterday.

There is really no news here lately, but the place is changing a lot due to a new Colonel, but so far I can’t say I like him too well, but I don’t know him well enough yet.

Well dears this is all for now. Doylie sends her love to you all and says to tell you she is taking good care of me. Thanks to she + Suddsie I’m in here. I was mad at first but now I’m enjoying the rest.



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