September 19, 2015 – Bringing back energy…. and the book

Well, what a lovely day here. I am sitting here in the house waiting for the Sears guy to come. That is truly frustrating wishing to be outside.  I hope they show up soon.  But in the mean time I spent time folding and stapling handouts for the Drug Take Back Day and am almost finished. I was going to have a collating party with some friends but with only two pieces of paper not much putting together to do. The big guy is down at the college bring trained to be on the judicial panel that hears cases when there are problems on campus.  Tonight we are heading for the theater to see a play.  Should be a nice time.

I am getting geared up to start clearing out more of our possessions. The bags of old clothes are piling up, old maps, things stuffed in shelves just to put them somewhere.  The time has come to clear out more of those things.  I figure one hour a day will help clean things out.  And the book…

I now know how i am going to put together Pat and Sheila’s letters and incorporate any letters I find that were written to them during those long months during WWII.  The research part will be finding out more about the battles and the people they talk about in their letters.  Some of that has been very frustrating. But the ones I have found have been kind of neat at times. One of Pats friends became a famous doctor who invented treatments that are used today. Another fellow became very important in the military over the years. I want to include that information as it will make it all more real and educational.  I also realized that if I finish this project and get it published and actually sold any that that could be a problem. So, I have come up with a solution – any profits if there were any – would go to the Bursary at Queen’s University in my Grandfathers name.  Both of these women loved their father very much and it would honor them and him to do that. So, that is not a worry, might not be anyway.

In this letter Sheila again talks about Eileen being sick. I found out a few years ago that that illness was Polio – according to one of her daughters.  No one else had the disease although my cousin thought our family had brought it over from Buffalo,, Not sure how that works if you don’t have the disease, if you can spread it without having it. But that is why Eileen was sick for so long. She was also pregnant.

Late October 1944

Dear All,

After my leave I came back and due to the dampness of weather etc I caught a beastly cold and got my old cough (from the shoes up) again and the Matron was horrified by the sound of it and thus I’m in the hospital.

I feel just fine though and did nothing but sleep for the 1st 2 days so now I’m enjoying the rest. I had on X-Ray of chest and sinuses – both neg. Complete blood count and wait till you hear this – this will floor you – my hemoglobin is 95% – RBC – 4,5000000, and WBC 9,000. So I am a very healthy specimen to be in the hospital, so not being sick I’m enjoying life.

Doylie and Suddsie are both back on nites and I shall follow suit as soon as I get out of here. Thought I’m enjoying this.
To-nite 2 of the officers from the other ward came over and Bluie and I and they played cribbage and had a really good game, even though I lost.

I have not had any mail for the last 2 days but expect soon tomorrow no doubt.

I am really enjoying the rest here, am in a separate ward, reserved for sick nurses but 2 of the rooms are filled with female .O. so you are not alone at night and it is a cute private room, with all the comforts.

Well dears, want to get this off so shall close for now, hope Eileen is well.

Love to you all,


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