Sept 17, 2015

Good morning. Lovely day. I am just getting ready to head out so will post this letter from WWII and then write more this evening.  I love the high pressure when I have some energy.  The kitchen is a bit cleaned up, a laundry on the line, daily journal in process, threw away a bunch of old stuff and all set with doctors appointments to see if I can get myself back on track.

Had a great time yesterday. Met with Bob Schaefer who I am going out to Salt Lake City with on the Genealogy tour.  He gave me some tips of things I should bring with me. So have my list etc All psyched up for trying to find some ancestors. Plan is to see if I can find anyone prior to 1800 in Ireland or Scotland on my mom’s side.  If I ended up with more time I might try to find Maggie McGuiggan’s history after all, another Maggie needs to have her day in history.

The social justice meeting last night at church went really well.  We are going to look into sponsoring a Syrian family.  The homeless families who have stayed with us seem to be doing okay. And if the dates get set up as we want our Fair Trade Sale will be great – two days and lots of vendors.  Last year they sold over 11,000 worth of goods benefiting third world workers.  I am excited about helping with that. And had a great visit in the parking lot after with Jay Petro who is a wonderful woman. I hope I can have her energy when I get to her age what ever that might be.

Well, have to run. Have a grand day.

24 October 1944

Dear All:

Received Mom’s letter to-day, and was very glad to get it, as it was such a sweet newsy letter. I am so glad you received the pictures and liked them as I also thought they were really very good too.

I was so thrilled with Mom’s letters in regards to Eileen and Connie, I know just how thrilled you must all be and I am sorry Eileen isn’t feeling so good but hope by now she is much better. Also so pleased that Verna is back, say a big Hello to her for me, as she is so sweet and it must be perfect for you and Eileen to have her back.

Mom, you mentioned about going to Buffalo to see Dr. Deyko. I hope you have a good time and that he gets your eyes correctly this time.

I have been wondering if my salt and pepper tweed coat is still around, as I hate to have you send my camel hair as it is a bit too good, but if my salt and pepper is still around it would be alright, as I do need a coat very much.

The place here is starting to fill up again and get very busy, as they are still sending convoys back from France though soon I imagine they shall stop as all the hospitals are set up over there.

Suddsie’s sister Clara is being married on the 4th of Nov and I think it all has an awful effect on Suddie as she would so like to be there, poor kiddo as Clare is her only sister and weddings are such fun.

Had a letter from Aunt May Shea today with a cute picture of Gordon and herself. It was a sweet letter and a cute picture.
I am so thrilled about all the Xmas parcel and shall be looking forward to getting them.

This shall be all for now, shall write again soon,

Love to all,

Mary Doyle just came in and sends her love to you all and Ferg and Connie,


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