September 16, 2015 – Debates, kids came home and sunshine

Watching the CNN debate and it really is chaotic.  These guys need help to stop being so nasty.  I love listening to the Donald deny he said the things he is quoted as saying or saying “I didn’t mean it that way”.  The politicians actually know how respond without looking angry or prissy. Interesting the ones who don’t get to speak. Why do they show “the Donald” on his faces when others speak…  wow, this is not like any debate I have ever seen before… wow.  John Kasick? is the only one who gets how the government should work.

The day was interesting. It was lovely and sunny.  Had someone come to drop off the materials for the Drug Drop Off Day. And after she left I went to a doctors appointment. and then shopping for some food I needed.  I went to the airport at 2:45 to picture up my little girl and her sweetie returning from their wonderful vacation.  I am jealous… they had a great time and they are right. It was like 5 separate vacations. -== Venice, Milan, Switzerland, the Neuburg ring? and Amsterdam.   I would love a week or two in Switzerland.

Took a walk with the big guy and then made dinner.  And now sadly I am watching this sad debate.

Armed Forces Air Letter – Air Mail – Field Post Office 239 Oct 25, `44 – S O’OConnor

Dr and Mrs Fergus O’Connor Jr / 264 Barrie St. / Kingston, on. / Canada


My dear Ferg + Connie:

I received another parcel from you yesterday and I believe it was in June and went to No. 1 C.G.Hosp. in Italy and back, it was a little jumbled out, but really in good condition, for having travelled so far and so long. Thank you very much from Doylie, Suddsie (Mary Kennedy) and myself.

Ferg, Connie, I am so lucky to be with those kids, they are really so sweet and we have a barrel of fun just beefing if we haven’t anything else to do and poor Suddsie is feeling a bit low these day as her sister Clara is being married the 4th of November to a boy Suddsie has never seen or heard of till Clara wrote and she is her only sister, but she is patiently waiting for letters to tell her all about it.

We really haven’t been doing very much. I had a grand time on my leave and really saw a great deal of the country one way or another and I think London is perfect. Got books for the children for Xmas from Patt and I but just when they will get them is another thing but with the boys going back, I hope to get them back.

How are Mary + Michael. I bet Michael is changing more now. I will not know him pretty soon. How is Mary talking now? Gee I would like to see her, as I can imagine she must be getting very very cute. Have Bertha + Grandma gone back? Say Hello to them for me, if they haven’t. I haven’t got around to write Aunt Bessie, because she is miles + miles away from me, but shall write her soon. Give Mary + Michael a kiss for me and one for yourselves. Thanks for parcels,

S. OConnor C.A.O.


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