September 15, 2015. – old friends, and WWII letter additions

Today was a busy day. Started with field of vision test at the eye doctors.  That was quick. Then the bank, alternative pharmacy and the Senior Center.  Good seeing my buddies down there who work there and then the folks who were there for the activities. I was there to give them flyers to encourage them to come to the National Drug Take Back Day on Sept 26th and drop off unused, out of date prescriptions as well as over the counter medications. They do a great job of coming down to town hall and following through and letting their friends know to come.  Next week I will join the chair Yoga class but today I had other things to do.

The lovely new used car had its first visit to the dealer for a check up. Of course it passed with flying colors. Good thing they found nothing the matter with it.  Did not take long and I was back home. Driving down the street I saw my little buddy Dottie walking back to her house from the fellow across the streets house.

I parked the car and got my water and thought I would take a walk.  She was still out when I got to her house so I wandered it to say hi since I have not seen her since the spring. Dottie agreed to come over and see my new front walk and then we went inside and I showed her pictures of the two little kids from this summer.  She was thrilled. She has a hard time with speech after having had several strokes but we giggle a lot over her not getting words out and my trying to guess what she really wants to say.  I just love her she is a pistol and has always loved my kids. She has two sons, no grandkids and one of her daughter in laws died last year from cancer after a very long battle. It was so nice having that little visit with Dottie and then Debbie across the street joined us.

Then I relaxed and ate and headed off to Tai Chi class.  What a fun time we had!  There are about 10 of us when we are all there but there were 7 this evening and we had a great time going through the 108 forms and really laughed and had fun. The others have started training using swords but I don’t have one yet. Got to get one sooner than later.

I started reading through the file with the letters from Pat and Sheila to my mom and dad during WWII. They will make a nice addition to the group of letters we already have.  My mom was a champion letter writer. from the time she left home in 1935 she wrote home at least once a week until there was no one left to write to and she wrote to her other siblings at least once a month as well.  She wrote long newsy letters and I think that is why the letters from Pat and Sheila are pretty complete with news and updates.

I will work on them and then include them in the letters soon.

Armed Forces Air Letter – air mail – hand written (22 oct `44)

Dr and Mrs Fergus O’Connor / 193 Earl St / Kingston On


Dear Mom + Dad + all:

What is this I have heard about Eileen. Had a letter from Carmel and have been wondering ever since how she is, so do write and tell me all about just what is wrong. Gee I hope she is feeling better now. Carmel said something about Eileen in the hospital and I have been wondering ever since just what is wrong or when she went in, the letter came this morning and then I reread Mary’s letter of yesterday which said very casually something about Eileen not getting downtown, but not explaining. Hope she is all better by the time this reaches you.

Had the funniest feeling yesterday when I was doing that parcel up for you, to think Happy will actually hand it to you or Dad, it is amazing isn’t it. He said he would look at Princess + Earl St. for me. It seems funny it think I haven’t seen it in 5 months, it certainly seems like 5 months. The parcel is from Patt + I.

Pattsy is certainly travelling and now is beyond Brussels, gee whiz that is something. I got Uncle Jim’s, Jack and Mary O’C cig this month and glad to get them. By the way do you think you could see me some Lux flakes + Lux soap as I’m getting down in my last box of flakes and have about 4 bars of Lux left. There is no hurry, but just sometime in the next months. Also if you could get me some nursing-sister stockings as they (the ones I have) are starting to wear, at least my mends are opening again + again.

I have been very busy lately as they are now flying  the convoys back and then sending them on to various hospital.

Good bye and Love to all



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