September 14, 2015 – Dad’s birthday, scammers, and addiction

These three titles are completed disconnected but when I saw the date I realized today would have been my Dad’s 105th birthday.  He died two weeks after his 65th birthday – a terrible painful death from what was most likely an abdominal aneurysm which was not diagnosed since as a pharmacist he diagnosed himself and his doctor accepted his self evaluation.  Not that they could have saved his life but you never know.   It was a terrible shock to all of us since it was so sudden.  What we came away with afterwards were a couple of things – 1. Don’t forget to tell people you love that every chance you get since you might never get the chance again.  2. Have a viewing for the family even if you are going to be cremated.  We all experienced the same thing every time we went to see our Mom, just expected Dad to show up. Only one of us got to see him after he died so it just was not real. For myself a year later I had a total melt down and realized it was because it was impossible a year earlier since it was so unreal. And 3.  Don’t be your own doctor.  If you are in terrible condition call for help and at least give yourself the chance to know what is happening to you.

Scammers has to do with the phone call I got this morning from my credit cards fraud department informing me that my card had been used in California yesterday – could not have been me or my sweetheart since we are both here.  Also, I never shop at Walmart so another red flag.  They are sending new cards but it has me thinking. This card is new since the Target problem a year ago. I was shopping the other day and bought somethngs at Target – do you think they are still vulnerable? Have been wracking my brain trying to think what I bought that might have given someone the opportunity to scam me.  I do love the fraud protection folks who monitor my cards.  They will call if we are out of town and charge something and even if the card is frozen I would rather that then to have some idiot thief out there running up bills.  I would actually like a chance to take a serious swing at them with a baseball bat.

And finally addiction – ever think about what you are addicted to?  I am fighting not to watch TV much but my problem is once I start I have a terrible time getting away from it.  What is it about the TV that traps me? I could sit and watch crap all night even though I know I am exhausted and need to get sleep.  I think that is why I love life in the north with no TV and no temptation to watch since there is nothing to watch it on.  And since I found out how expensive it is for me to be watching netflix on my laptop up there I don’t do that either.  So it is reading or writing or knitting but no TV up there. I wonder how long I can hold it together here.  Last night I decided to watch the news and at 11 finally stopped watching.  I love Sherlock HOlmes and NCIS and the 11 O’Clock news but really now. I did not do one other thing.

How do you curb an addiction to TV?  I already forbid myself any TV watching before 5 pm even though I am here by myself all day.  And lately I have not watched the news because it is the lead-in to an evening of TV watching.  Darn. How does one control oneself? Not starting is not the problem, it is if I do start I cannot pull myself away.  YUK>>

Turned into a lovely day today and I did laundry and pulled weeds and got some fresh air.  Also watched on Netflix another Midsomer Mystery on the IPAD>  love that show.  Cannot get over after four seasons that anyone is still alive in that little place since each show kills off at least three, four or more citizens of the place.  Also spent some time starting to fix up the TV room as my computer space. The upstairs space I made for myself does not work because the internet signal is blocked by the chimney going up the middle of the house.  So I have to move elsewhere and the tv room is where the base is located so I think that will be fine. Just going to get rid of a bunch of things that have been sitting on the floor for a long time. Purging time for me again.

Now for Sheila,  She obviously is in love with London and her friends and having a good life during the war.  I wish the censors and the folks who gave them instructions about what to write home had shut up.  I would like to know more about what it was really like for her.  But maybe that will never be possible.

21th Oct 1944

My dear Mom, Dad and all:

I seem to have been slipping fast lately in regards to letters and am awfully sorry but lately we have been having the darnest weather, rain, rain, rain and have been busy all day and it seems to rain all night, so we really don’t feel any too energetic and so I just haven’t written a letter since the 11th till today. Sorry and shall do better now.

Received Mary’s blank letter and must tell you about it. Our dining room is off the mess and at 10:00 we have coffee in the Mess and our post boxes are in the dining room so the room was filled and I came out with Mary’s letter and was standing in the middle of the room and noticed it wasn’t sealed or return address on it and commented on the fact, and everyone was looking at me because of the fact that the letter was not sealed and then I opened it and not even a “dear Shiela” or anything else, did they raze me, it was a joke all day and then to-day I got her letter and had already guessed something like that had happened.

One of the officers here, left yesterday and I sent a parcel home with him as his wife lives in Kingston. Lieut Lorenger is his name and the main point is they are Xmas presents for Mom & Dad from Patt and I. I was in such a hurry to get it ready as he only got 3 hrs notice that he was leaving and I had to run off duty to post it, so that is why I just put a wee note in it, but they are from Patt and I and sorry it isn’t more but coupons are such a problem, there is just something for Mom, Dad and Mary, so help you get them soon and like them.

Love to you all, Sheila.


2 thoughts on “September 14, 2015 – Dad’s birthday, scammers, and addiction”

  1. Margaret, I am often feeling that you do so much in your days that surely watching TV at night is a relaxation. I watch and record other channels so certain nights can view till 11.30 but then I get a good sleep. If you were reading a book would you have the same guilt? Have had a good weekend with about 25 family members at a gathering in honour of Bill and Anne from Canada.


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