Sept 12, 2015 – Fat and Happy

I hope I am not more fat but am happy.  Went out for ribs with Rich and Laura and had a great evening.  Talked kids, grandkids, travel, Ireland, acting, and lots of fun things.  Then when we got home I finally finished filling out my forms for my educational trip to Salt Lake City.   Getting excited about it although it is still a while away.

There are clothes on the line and it is raining like crazy.  So I guess they will dry eventually.. Suppose to be nicer in a day or so.

Anyway, no deep thinking or anything so how about a letter from Sheila..

(hand written 23 Sept 44) – Post Office 239 (Oct 25, `44) hand written

S. O’Connor Lieut

Mr. And Mrs. Milton Laughland / 66 Henley Rd / Zone 16 / Buffalo NY / USA

Dear Norah and Milt,
It is a wet rainy dreary day out, so I’m writing letters in bed and I have just finished one to Mom and Dad, Marg and Allan, Ferg and Connie, so am starting this. I am really getting to be able to write letters often. I really amaze myself at times.

Received your airgraph just after I got back from leave and was so glad to get it. I would love to see Margaret now, as I still picture her as that little bundle of pink and white. The boys are quite easy to imagine as they don’t change so easily, it seems so funny to think that I have no idea when I shall see any of the babies again, as I really believe this war shall last a whole lot longer than Xmas but let’s hope it is over by summer.

I now know my way around London quite well and really am beginning to love it more each time I go, it is so lovely, big and historical that I really am quite intrigued by it all.

Edinburgh was very nice also but on my next leave I shall definitely make it to Ireland and shall be thrilled even thinking about it.

We are very busy but don’t think we are nearly as busy as Pattsey is and she is certainly seeing life in its grimmest form to say the least but she is experiencing by it all, but I think they are seeing far too much.

Well dears, this is all for now – shall close and love to you all,

Lieutenant C.A.O. Armed Forces Air Letter


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