September 11, 2015. — a year ago

I am writing on my iPad s not sure if a letter will be included or not.  tonight was great fun.  I went to Albany to the Irish Museum for some story telling.   One of my favourite story tellers Anne Marie McLaughlin was gong to speak and she did not disappoint me.   she is from Donegal and feels some of the funniest stories as well as some sad tales.  Tonight for the most part her stories were a hoot.  got to see some old friends there as well.Joe Dolittle use to work at CHP when I was there and his boys were In High School with my kids.  We had a great chat and turns out he still sees some of my favorited CHPers…

the other story teller was Kate Dudding and she talked about the Aran Isles and Galway and it put me back to last year this weekend when we went out to the Arn Isles with the students.  what a great time we had and that weekend I figured out that for some reason my asthma was not the problem I expected it to be.  I was able to climb Dun Angus and did not have any problem breathing.  my legs were killing me from the climb but I could breathe jut fine.  the mysteries of life.  then Kate talked about going to .st Nicholas Cathedral in Galway.  As she described it I could see it in my mind and was taken back to the wonderful experiences we had there.  The mass in Irish except for the homily, the singing by the well known Irish language chorus from Cork, the fund raiser for the homeless shelter where we met Fr. Denis Brennan’s nephew John and just the times we took people to show them the lovely building.

It was an evening of wonderful memories of a wonderful adventure n our lives.  I still wonder how we could have been so lucky to have had that experience…  Here are some pictures on the Aran Isles

DSCN0803 DSCN0804 DSCN0817 DSCN0820

Such great memories. And now I am on my laptop so can upload a letter for you so here we go.

About October 16, 1944

Dear All:

I am now in bed and it is 10 minutes after seven. I am wondering if you received the pictures of Patt & I. Patt in Khaki and the ones of Doylie, Suddsie, Bluie and I, you have never told me, so I really don’t know whether you got them or not. I always seem to be asking for something, but I would like you to buy me one of those big photograph albums, 2 or 3 refills and bags of art corners as I really could get a nice collection of pictures and would like to start to collect them now.

We have had a new Colonel now. Colonel Carr went back to Canada and Colonel LaPlante a French Catholic and just back from Italy, as yet he is too new to draw any conclusion.

We like our new matron Ida Henderson very, very much, she is really a grand person. On duty she is an awful dust catcher, but off duty she is A1. No kidding, she is really a peach. I guess she is the first person, ever over me that I really liked so you can imagine she is really very, very nice.

Dad will remember Frank Polank, he was at Queens, graduated with Larry O’C.

We are very busy these days and the patients are coming in and out as fast as anything. They really are getting a lot of bongs poor lads.

I had a letter from Pattsy to-day and she is certainly enjoying her new life very much.

Well dears, must close for now and hope you don’t mind my always asking for something else in each new letter.
Well to you all and I miss you all a lot but just beginning to realize what a grand family I have got.

Love Sheila

This appears to be the picture Sheila is talking about in this letter.



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