Sept 9, 2015 – still hot and humid… waiting for a cold front to come

As it has been said before I don’t do well in the heat so today was another get things done that don’t take much exertion. Sat and made phone calls to doctors offices, car dealerships and emailed friends about getting together for lunch. Seems like that will be a good way to spend this month.  Also think I will drive south for the Grandgirls sixth birthday..  Husband has teaching and a workshop to attend that weekend so I can easily get away. Just have to get some energy back.

Picked up posters and flyers for the Drug Take Back Day on the 26th. They look great.  Already gave them to my pharmacy and in turn they gave me a flu shot and filled a script for me.  So I am in good shape.  Now just have to drive around a drop off posters around town and to all the other pharmacies in this town.  Should be fun making my semi annual visit to the folks.

Watch an episode of Midsommer Mysteries on Netflix.  Boy do I enjoy those.  Great fun and so many murders. If that really happened here you would have more than two detectives on the case. But I enjoy watching them.  The English know how to do these kinds of shows.

This will be short today.  The Front yard gets better every day etc.  but just not enough energy here to get other things going.  There will be tie later so rather than continue to complain will share another letter.

Written after furlough trip to Scotland.

No date
Dear all:

Back at No 13 after one wonderful leave. Hope you got my 3 letters together like this, telling you all about it, I enjoyed myself very much and feel much better now., but will say I do not want to see a monument or grave or stairs for sometime again.

It has been raining cats and dogs here for the last 3 hours, just pouring and the wind howling.

By the way, Mary your cigarettes arrived and do you know what the delay was, you addressed them to me and put no 8 on them so they went to France and then back there but 6:00 arrived today with 300 from Uncle Jim so I can pay people back the ones I own them and have a start myself. I wrote Uncle Jim to thank him today.

I am sending you 2 pictures I had taken with the pigeons on Trafalgar Square, they are not really so good but you can keep them for me and I shall show them to my grandchildren or grandnieces or something.

I did a little shopping in Scotland and hope you like them. But unfortunately could only get Mom & Dad & Mary something as the coupons are really a problem, but got books for all the children “When we were 6” & “Winnie the Poo” etc. so shall send them at the earliest opportunity. It is not what I wanted for Mom and Paps but after being at war so long, it is impossible to find anything really good.

Well dears, this is all for now.

Love and kisses to you all, Sheila


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