Sept 8, 2015 – Wow, record breaking heat and humidity

I thought it was hot when I left the school house this morning but then got home to record breaking heat in the 90’s.  But my front yard has a new walk way which is gorgeous.  Love it so much.  I have a very kind and generous son who takes good care of us

I was two hours later than I planned on leaving this morning but still stopped in LIttle Falls for a visit with our old neighbors. It was a good visit and hopefully the four of us can get together for lunch one of these days before they go back to their home in Mexico.  They love living there and are very involved and also spend time with their grandkids in California which is lovely for them.

Exhaustion would just about describe how I feel now at about 10:30.  I went to my Tai Chi class and they held it outside because of the heat and lack of air in the building  Not bad but the slope on the parking lot made it a little tough for those of us a bit out of balance. A letter from Sheila would be about right just now. So I will skip my chatter and go and get a letter for you.

This is actually three letters combined about her leave.  I think it is better to print them out together.

Armed Forces Air Letter – Air Mail – post mark F.P.O.-S.C.7= Oct 9, 1944
09-10-44 3 letter Furlough
Dr and Mrs Fergus O’Connor / 193 Earl St / Kingston On
There are 3 letters continued
Letter No 1:

Dear All,
I’m now in London just finishing my furlough and I really had one grand time – it was perfect, even though I didn’t go with Doylie + Suddsie but went with Kay Shephard Murphy and Frances Bluie. We started our leave on Sunday 2nd of October and went to London and got in Sunday night and Monday went exploring and saw St. Paul’s Cathedral and walked up the whole 627 stairs and has a gorgeous view of the city of loved it it was really lovely. Then we went to Westminster Abbey and Cathedral and were absolutely spellbound by it all. It is really something to see it all and read all the old dates from 1399 on. At the Abbey it was really something to see the burial stones of all the kings etc and I enjoyed it all was really thrilled with it all. We spent all Monday just going around London. We went to Madam Tussaut’s but it is much the same as the wax museum in Montreal and some the identical wax figurines, really just the same on the whole.

Then Monday night at 10: 00 we went to Scotland and traveled from 10:00 Monday night till 8:00 Tues morning. We got seats, which is sometimes not the case over here, we sat with 3 American Officers +2 American Army nurses and we talked most of the way and it was really a lot of fun and the time really went very fast and we didn’t mind it one bit. We got to Edinburgh and were very tired so got to our rooming house …

Letter 2:

… and had a nice hot bath and went to bed. We stayed at a home with a middle-aged sweet woman called Mrs. Fairbairn and really she just mothered us too death. She was really a grand person though. We went to the Officers Club and met a couple Navy officers from Quebec City and had a regular old “Canada” week and then came home and were in the house by 11:15 and the woman thought we were lost. Can you imagine? Me home at 11:15 on leave and she thought we were lost, so we explained as best we could that we had thought we were home early.

The next days we did Edinburgh up and down, as I think I told you in my card and now “I’ve had it” and I don’t want to see a monument or bed of anyone who is not at least in the 20th century, but I enjoyed it all very very much. Edinburgh is a lovely place and such a clean city for over here – it is really amazing. I saw about 20 of the 30 lads that came over on the ship with me and you can’t imagine how glad I was to see them, after spending 14 days and nights with them , they are just like cousins or something and they will always be like old friends to me.

We were coming down the street and I was gazing off over the people when I heard my name and there were 7 of them and it was such fun seeing them again and we talked away and then I saw about 3 more …

Letter 3:

… groups of them looking on. They were saying they resent seeming any nurses sisters that they don’t know, as the ones they do, they know so well.

Hope these others all arrive at the same time. This is the 3rd blue one and they just won’t make sense if they don’t all arrive to-gether.

Mother will you write Mrs. Fairbairn, 18 Lonsdale Terrace, Edinburgh and thank her and tell her how good she was etc. You know what I mean eh.

I was sorry I didn’t get to Ireland but there was far too much red tape to do it this time but shall next time with Suddsie and Doylie.

We are staying here for 2 days and then are going back Tues. to be on duty for Wednesday morning. Suddsie + Doylie are coming up Monday night, so hope we can do something all together like a “play” or something.

This country is very nice but by gosh I shall really appreciate Kingston or Canada when I see it again. I could really go into so much detail about it all but I just can’t seem to write it all but shall tell you all someday in the parlour in front of my Paps chair in front of the fire place – it a date eh.

Well dears , Hope these all arrive together and shall write more later. Love to you all and Happy birthday to Eileen dear,

Love to you all,


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