Sept 7, 2015 – a grand day although darn hot

I was not going to write but have decided  to just put in a note and one of Sheila’s letters.  I had a busy and fun day really.  I cleaned in the morning and was soaked in sweat by 10 and could not believe how warm it was. And HUMID… I just hate being that warm.

Then for 1 I headed out to Brockville to visit a cousin Catherine who was one of the three Slack triplets. As she proudly told me the first triplets ever born in St Francis Hospital in Brockville.  I found there home with no problem and it was lovely. They are up on a hill between the 401 and the 1000 Island Parkway. Her son lives in his grandparents home and she lives in the house her husband built for them.  We had a great time and laughed a lot. She was able to ID a bunch of photos in Madelines collection so little by little I am figuring out who some of the folks are. Then we had tea and cookies and after 4 I finally took off. I am going to visit her again and maybe we can go out to lunch or something.  She is sweet and just a nice lady.

I rushed home as I was due to dinner down at the lake to say good bye to folks. I got there after 5 and stopped to give Brenda some note cards and one of Mary Eileen’s books and found out we were going to have dinner at Brenda’s and not over at Cheryl’s. Anyway, we all had a great time and after dinner and a great peach pie dessert I stopped at the Three Sisters to see my cousin Allan who is visiting from the Yukon.  Was so nice seeing him again.  He is a mining engineer which I find fascinating.  Hard work.. Got home about 9 something and called Denis and then went back to cleaning.  Might be ready to leave in the morning. Good thing I am coming back here sooner than later.

So here is Sheila’s letter for this evening. I have not preread it so will do so and see if I made any typo’s when I transcribed it a long time ago.


Dear All,

Received swell letters from Mom, Alda Fox + Misty and loved them very much. So glad about Misty and his new job and hope he gets it and that they get a house pronto. I am lying on the top of my bed and covered with blankets as it is awfully cold. Am sending some pictures to you, and by the way, did you get the pictures of Patt + I that I sent, no one said, and I hope they were not lost. Hope you like these.

Mary Fleming and Kay Shephard Murphy are with us now . We don’t know for how long – but for awhile anyway. And it is grand to see them. Mary D. + Mary K went on leave without me and I’m going with Bluie and Kay S. Murphy, it makes me mad that they can send 3 now and they said it was impossible when it was Doylie, Suddsie and I but such is life in the Army, but it make me mad at times.

Have seen Doug Paul and Len Patterson. It was good to see them and they both want to be remembered to the family.

We start on our leave Monday Oct 2 and have to back on duty on Wed Oct 12 so we are going to London, then to Edinburgh, Glasgow, Loch Lomond, and then back to London + home again. So it should be a grand trip.

Received your parcel of Aug 8 and absolutely loved it, it was grand and enjoyed everything in it. Also received Ferg + Brenda’s Laura’s and loved them also. Mom mentioned Xmas parcel, and really that gave me the funniest feeling to say the least, but I guess I shall quite definitely be here then, so goodness gracious, send me lots of letters and parcels around then so I shall not mind it too much, but when one sees all the lads here that have not had Xmas at home for 4 or 5 years, I guess I can’t complain.

I shall write to Mrs. Wells soon and am writing to Aunt Mad + Uncle Jim once a month anyway. Had a nice letter from Sister McPherson, telling me about the changes etc. Guess Ferg + Dad will be glad Sr. Donavan is out and Sister Beyreault is in but bet Basil doesn’t like that eh. How are the dear old fights at the Staff meeting now Paps? I miss hearing about them all, but guess what I miss most is just talking to you all but some day soon we shall have a real good chat when this is all over eh –
Well dears, this is all for now, shall write again soon, and tell me how you like the pictures + if you got the ones of Patt + I.
Love, Sheila


4 thoughts on “Sept 7, 2015 – a grand day although darn hot”

  1. September 44, I had just started my first job at the shipyard. I was an apprentice Lady Tracer. We had to lock the plans away every night. I earned the equivelent of 75p a week


  2. The men who worked in the shipyard were in “a reserved occupation” and so didn’t get called up. My brother was an engineering draughtsman and so was exempt.


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