September 6, 2015 – warm day for my birthday girl

Today is the birthday of my lovely daughter Norah..  she is off on a great birthday trip,with her partner in crime Andrew since he has a birthday as well.  Hope you both have a wonderful time.


No blogging last night because the computer was being bad again.   Hubby left yesterday so he can get ready for work which starts this week.  I am cleaning.  yesterday was kind of funny really.  I have been seeing signs for town wide garage sales in lovely Lansdowne so thought I should go and support it. well, good thing I did not bring a bunch of people with me because it turned out to brethren houses, maybe four?? So since I was there I hit the two antique stores which are great for browsing.  I found a very old book called the Little Bear series.   I purchased it for my little bear down in DC.  I think she will like it very much.  I found another very old children’s book for the girls. but little bear is for my little cutie..

then I returned home with the intention of starting to clean. I did some but in this heat can you imagine the difficulty with inspiring oneself to do anything.  I did do a couple of things but not as much as I had planned to do.  So today I cleaned the school house and the spare bedroom after having brunch at the Legion Hall in Mallorytown with Pete and Carol.  was fun and then I decided to take a ride and went down to Lyndhurst to checkout the antique store there…. No luck but then decided to take a ride. I drove out Red Horse Lake Road. Interesting in this areaI think of as pretty flat that it goes quite far uphill.  there is no one along that road until you  get to the end where there re lanes towards cottage on the water.  so I turned around and come home. It was nice up there and I will bet in October the levels will be lovely up there.

Found another treasure yesterday……pictures of Sheila and her friends she talks about all the time in her letters so will post them and one of Sheila and Patt in England

23 rd Sept 44

Dear All:

I don’t really know what got into me this last week but I just didn’t seem to be able to write letters at all. I just did not seem to be able to sit down and write at all.

I have seen London, and loved it every part of it. Norm (Patt’s friend) came back to England,   He has hurt his radius from the upper part – compound fracture, has a cast on and they will be doing secondary closure on it any time now.   He is at No 2.   He phoned and I met him in London. He met me at Victoria Station and we took a taxi and registered at the Hotel Waldorf, and then went for a walk down to Trafalgar Square and really I felt like I was in a dream just seeing it, it is wonderful and saw the Admiralty and Admiralty Arch, and Buckingham Palace, but well all, I was disappointed at that as I thought it would be fairyland castle but it is real very military etc. Saw the square that the King and Queen inspect parades, saw the monuments to all the Br. Empire and stood on Waterloo Bridge & saw Big Ben. ST. Paul’s Cathedral and Westminster Abbey and Piccadilly Circus,. It was all so wonderful at 6:00 we went to a play called “While the Sun Shines” by Terence Rattigan. The actors were Douglas Jeffries, Robert Long, Hugh McDermott, Jane Baxter, Ronald Squire, Eugene Deckers? & Brenda Bruce.It was a comedy and very, very good.

I saw all the London Sables and they are not rabbits hair to say the least, they are really something. I enjoyed every minute of it all and really think London is perfect. We had marvelous meals and Norm is grand.

Received one of Mom’s parcels and loved it. Everything was super.

Shall write again soon.

By the way, I have not received any cigarettes from you people yet. Please send some.

Love Sheila

image image

Waldorf Hotel London


2 thoughts on “September 6, 2015 – warm day for my birthday girl”

  1. Still enjoying your blogs. As a child I had exactly the same reaction to Buckingham Palace as Sheila. I also stayed one night at theWaldorf Hotel.


    1. That is great…… I love to hear that you stayed there. what was it like??? Pretty fancy???? We should skype some time when I get back home… Wish we were near so we could just even call for a catch up chat…


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