September 4, 2015 – The inevitable has happened

    Opinicon Lodge..

Well, it happened. I am living with a 70 year old man.. Who would have ever thought it would last???? I know some people who were sure it would never last but tee hee we fooled them.  I am really lucky to have met this kind, gentle, caring person to spend my life with.  He does have a temper that is like a flash in the pan kind of thing. I get mad and stay mad.  He hoots and hollers and does not have a clue what it was about 30 minutes later. Ask me in two weeks and I can still tell you what I am angry about.  Oh well…

We had a lovely day. It started with his getting ready to go for a run but as he was out in the road the phone rang and I managed to catch him before he passed by the School House so he got to speak to his two little darlings.  I love a five year old with a sense of humor.   “Grandpa I hope you have a strawberry cake….. giggle, not really you can have blueberry” She knows he hates strawberries. The three year old just mimiced her sister but that is okay. she is learning.  Then they sent videos on youtube wishing him a happy birthday.  Very sweet.

At 11 we took off for Chaffeys Lock and the Opinicon Lodge.  It is lovely there. We walked around for awhile and then went up to the restaurant to wait for Mike and Cheryl.  We got out seats and they arrived shortly.  The lunch was very good. I had something new for me – pulled pork tacos. They were yummy.  Then we shared a flourless chocolate cake for dessert – since he was not getting a cake other wise.  It was to die for… so good… worth the trip just for that.

Then MIke, Denis and I went down to the Lock and watch the boats going through and toured the museum.  It was such a nice day. Warm in the sun, pleasant in the shade, blue skies and just very comfortable and a beautiful spot. We went to the Lock Masters House Museum which is very interesting and not too big.  Mike identified one of the sons of an old lock master as his 12th grade English teacher and then met the fellows grandson as we were leaving.  That was so nice.

In the afternoon there was packing, and dismantling the Fairy Trees. I packed away all the decorations so that next summer we can do it all over again.  I love those trees and I think it will be fun to add things next year.  I hope the girls come so they can see them again while they are little and can invest in them. Denis had to get his clothing packed and he offered to take the washing home and do it there with the new machine that holds more than the little one here. So he is.  We already packed things into his car so he will be ready to go more easily in the morning.

Tomorrow I am going to the Lansdowne Townwide Garage sales.  Want to see if I can find a book case and maybe a comfy chair and a futon.. not likely everything but a bookcase would be good.

This summer has been the best summer we have had up here.  No stress, lots of us time, and just relaxing. I hate for it to come to an end and I would love to have a little kid meltdown.  I love it up here. I can be reclusive if I want, social if I want, exploring and adventuresome or just sitting and reading books for two months or three months.  It is not long enough for sure

But it is ending and I have to accept it one way or the other.  I dread going back to TV which I will be totally into with in a week.  Am looking forward to my Tai Chi and Chair Yoga classes.  And to see if I can get the town to deposit more old unused prescription and over the counter drugs than any other community in the capital district.  I love a challenge.  I will start that campaign on weds with posters and flyers to go all over the town.  Such fun…. I know some of you are cringing.. but it is totally who I am and I enjoy it so don’t worry, I am not falling back on my commitment to do things for me. This is for me.

So back to Sheila’s letters. I want you to know I have been given a great idea about how to put these letters into a book so am thinking I may do a switch here. I might start putting Charles O’Connors diaries from 1895 – 1918 on here. I could do a few days at a time. What do you think???? They are fascinating examples of life on a farm at that time in history.  He wrote almost every day. My dear Grand Aunt Madeline took the first diaries and rewrote them and deleted anything she did not like from them so we miss a lot. But they were at the farm all that time.  I would love to see diaries from before then because Gr Grandfather was moving the family around to Watertown, was trying to start a new life in Providence RI etc but none of that worked out and then ended up back at the farm. Good luck for us or none of us would even be here today.

So here is Sheila’s letter for today


Dear Mom & Dad:

I’m still on nites and you will be very glad to hear I have enjoyed my turn so far very much. I’m on one of the easier wards in the hospital and the boy who works with me is one of the best guys a real good head. Pardon all the mistakes, I guess I’m writing faster than I’m think. True to my usual self right?

Had letters from Pattsy and Carmel yesterday and enjoyed both so much. Pattsy enclosed Mom’s letter that was to both of us and love it. Patt seems very thrilled crossing the La Seine and then who wouldn’t be eh – but I guess she is really seeing war, what a sight it much be to ride into those cities and just see rocks and stones in piles and heaps eh.

I am thrilled about the news these days as it all looks so good and cheerful eh..

Have been doing nothing of any importance lately. Our leaves have been cancelled for while owing to shortness of staff, and they are sending all nurses over 40 home to Canada, so about 8 went from here, thus our leaves cancelled. We don’t feel a bit badly about it as we hope we’ll all be able to get them together that way.

There is really not much news as I’ve been sleeping all day and working all night.

I looking forward to your parcels and shall love them. Have not received any cigarettes from you yet and I’m getting low on them but expect they will come soon. Got the ones I sent myself while at Debert and some from Jack but none from you but guess they come in time.

Well dears, this is all for now, and shall write again soon.

Love Sheila

p.s. I’m a full Lieut now. Send me Mrs. Wells address Mom & I’ll write her.


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