September 3, 2015. tomorrow’s big day

Yes, there are some big days in ones life,   I believe that turning 70 is one of them.  for many people it is the beginning of the end and yet for others it is just a continuation of the “Big Adventure”.  I think that the latter would describe Denis turning 70.

At forty instead of having a mid life crisis he returned to college at night and over the years received a bachelors degree as well as a masters in American History.  after taking some time off to figure out what he was going to do next a stroke of luck happened…. SUNY Albany decided to offer a PhD in .american History again..  So he applied to the program as a part time student and after some discussion the department decided to accept him as a part time student.  and when his job went away to Philadelphia we figured out he could do school  full time so off he went to college full time.

in 2002, I think, he finished his PhD.  That was some wonderful occasion   I wish my mom had still been around with her faculties in tack since I know how thrilled she would have been for him.    the kids came and watched him defend his dissertation which was an experience.  and then the graduation.

Since shortly after he graduated he has been teaching at Union College, not just as something to do, but with a passion for learning and teaching.  he has been able to take a trip to Fnland to present at a conference, take 24 students fr a mini term in South Africa in Dec 2010 and then last fall we both went with 19 students to the Universiy at Galway for a semester.  all of this keeps him so passionate and excited about this new career.  he has developed courses that were never offered before, a History of Union College, Women in Sports, A Novel View of American History and others.  It is all keeping him young and involved and excited about life.

so on Sept 4 when he turns 70 I think he will celebrate by looking forward with excitement and not with and regrets.  he has four fabulous grown up children, two beautiful grandchildren and a wife who loves and admires him and supports his efforts.   so hopefully on November 2 this year Imwill be writing about his success in running the New York City Marathon which has been his goal for this seventieth birthday.

Happy Birthday Denis and may there be many more for you.  lovingly, the Thorn


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