September 2, 2015 – Yikes I have it again

Woke up this morning with chills; Now really it was very humid and damp outside but I really needed the sheet, blanket and the spread over me to warm up.   Could not figure out what the heck was going on until I finally got up and make the usual visit for the morning pee.  I swore when I realized I had another UTInfection.  What a pain literally!  I found my pain meds for it and figured I would start by drinking water, tea and getting the pain meds into me to see if I could chase it away.  Great idea until I threw up the pain meds, a minute of wretching into the waste basket. At 10:45 I gave up and called my favorite Doc and headed over to pee in a cup and once they knew it really was an infection a script.

No play in Gan this evening and an afternoon in bed.  NOthing like feeling like crap on a warm day.  I did a few things here and there but did not feel like really getting busy.  I have things that need doing since we are suppose to be packing up the place so I can clean on Saturday and Sunday.  We shall see what gets accomplished.  Part of me just wants to make the decision not to go home at all but I know I cannot do that. Onward and upward as they say.

I have been thinking since yesterday what I really want to write about since it is driving me nuts is the statement by the Pope about abortion and that for the coming year woman who have had abortions can go to confession to a regular priest and not be excommunicated.  Whoa, what is that about excommunication???  I never heard that before.  When I did I had a huge temper tantrum.  I mean after all it took two people to create this baby and usually they might discuss it before deciding what to do or the woman is not in a position to talk to anyone about it due to social stigma etc.  Parents who will reject a teenager if they find out she got pregnant; woman who are in abusive relationships; woman who’s husbands don’t want kids and made that clear and yet don’t get themselves fixed etc.  Why is the woman the one to get such a stiff penalty?  I have never heard that killers such as husbands who kill their wives get excommunicated and can only get forgiveness from a Bishop. Or a parent who kills their children at what ever age.  I don’t hear about Bishops going to men on death row to give them forgiveness for their crimes.  But woman who had abortions being punished in that way! I just don’t get it.   Again it would appear that the “men” in charge long ago took this strange way of getting at women.  Really made me angry.

Anyway, Back to the woman in my own family. My lovely Aunt Sheila for one.  She was in a better mood when she wrote her letter than I am in tonight.  I find it interesting the way they followed the directions for writing letters and told little about the negative stuff they saw or heard about. Kept it all quite light.  Waiting for Sheila to meet her next special guy…


Dear All:

I’m in a most pleasant mood to-night and received the sweetest parcel from Margaret, Really she is the cutest thing. It is the first food parcel I had received and all the rest had got some but me, so it put me on “top of the world’ it was a grand one. Xmas Cake, Lobster, kernel corn, soups, gum drops, and a box of crax. Really I love everything in it and it was such a grand thrill to open it. It is really the first time opening parcel except at Xmas and birthdays meant anything to me and I was so thrilled with it.

I haven’t received either of Ferg’s parcel yet or the one you sending but it is such a thrill that I shall be patiently waiting for them.

I am a full Lieut . now – 2 pips and really I’m sorry to have to put the other one up as it caused such a commotion to see a “one pip wonder” over here, but certainly will not kick because I get 75 more a day.

Our leaves have been cancelled again so I shall not need any money, as my bank book came through, and I’m all set now.

I met Patt’s and Dad’s friend tonight – Major Brunton, and he was just visiting here. He used to be Registrar of this hospital, but left just before I arrived. He wants to be remembered to you, Dad and Patt, so shall tell her in my letter to her.

Have just written Margie to thank her for the gorgeous parcel and now shall write a note to Mary also.

I have 2 more weeks nites and really am not minding nite-duty at all this time as the boys are such a lot of fun.

So far haven’t ran around any of our Kingston boys but as the convoys come in I always go to the Admitting Room and go over the list just in case some one came in that I know.

Joe Doyle, Mary’s brother is about 40 miles from us now, but so far we just haven’t been able to make the right connections, but are still hoping we can before long.

Well dears, this shall be all for now, Mother, you mentioned, you would like me to write Mrs Wells, send me her address and I shall. I try to write Uncle Jim and Aunt Mad every 2 weeks and so far have.

Love for now, Sheila


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