Sept 1, 2015 – A great find today and a warm visit

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My cousin Mary came over today to help me out by going through the 6 or 7 photo albums of Aunt Madeline’s with tons of unidentified pictures in them.  Mary kept apologizing for not finding any pictures until on the last three pages of the last album we hit pay dirt.  Although she felt badly that she did not know more people, she was able to ID an aunt who died at age of 1 and an Uncle and a wedding picture of a McArdle, Kenney, Slack wedding.  Her mother was in the picture and there were pictures of her grandmother Mary Susannah.   she from the Kenney Hotel line in the family.

I am happy as could be so hopefully she knows that.  We had a nice visit and hopefully I will see her again later in the fall.  Next time we will just go out for lunch and a chat and none of this family hunting.  She brought me a bouquet of flowers from her garden which are gorgeous.  Will add a picture from my ipad later.

Family history is all consuming. I love it,  Once I discovered that it is like one big puzzle I was hooked.  Finding information on one family line and then adding and adding people and documents just gets my energy up.  At home it is easier since using the internet is a flat fee where as here it is expensive the more you use the price keeps going up. Have to find a cheaper way to do this.  I am also very disappointed with  Unless I have misunderstood them I cannot download my family tree off their site with all the info I have gathered.  So all the new info I have if I want it I have to pay to get it off and in a format they give me, not just a family tree file.  They sent me an email about companies they have partnered with but they charge you for anything more than 200 names on a tree. I have more than 7,000 on my tree. So that won’t work.  I need to call them and have a chat to see if I am reading them incorrectly.  I bet they will tell me that in the fine print they own my tree.  Hope that is not their answer.  IF so I will have a huge job on my hands transfering information one person at a time.

I have not been in a great mood, I hate this count down to leaving I look around and see the things I think I need to do and just want to crawl in a hole.  And I seem to be totally hyper and cannot sit still to even read a book.  The worst is jumping from one thing to another and never finishing anything I start.   I am sure my shrink would have a name for that. Me I just see it as dreading change and fearing that the stress of last year will return once I get home.  Last winter and the one before were not fun times and I don’t want that to happen again.  Need projects I can bury myself in and forget the rest of the world.

OH well, let’s look at Sheila.  We seem to be pretty close in dates to when she is writing. that won’t stay that way but now she is there in England in early September working hard.


Dear All:

I am now on night duty and it is 8:00 and most of my patients are up patients right now and are all at the show at the men’s mess.

This has been quite a week all round. First our leaves are all mixed up. Suddsy and Doylie are going to-gether and I’m going with Bluie, Really it is the most maddening way the Army always jumbles things up for me, but now even Doylie & Suddsies leaves are cancelled, so we don’t know when any of us shall be going.

Also had another disappointed, Suddsie & Harry Murphy and I went to Horsham? Sat and as soon as we got to the hospital I asked if there was a pt by the name of Chabat and they said “yes”. Went to the officers Ward to find he had left at 11:00 that morning and is going back to Canada. I would have loved to see him but such is the life of a soldier. He has lost the use of his rt hand for a few months, the nerves were injured, but that is all, will be as good as new at Christmas. I was so glad as Claude is just a grand boy eh.

Received a letter from Misty yesterday and it was grand. He wrote the nicest letters, you all do and I realize every time I get one just what a swell family I have got and how much I should thank God for.

Well dears, the war certainly looks good now and after the war is over we have to be out of here in 4 months. That is the agreement that all Canadian camps and hospitals are out of England and the places returned to owner in A1 shape as they were when the Canadians moved in – so- I don’t think the war will be much longer do you.

Must close now, all my love and good – bye for now, Sheila


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