August 31, 2015 – The last day of August, hard to believe. & New Love

This month has just flown by.  We are sitting here eating Keogh’s potato Crisps from Ireland but thinking of how fast this month has disappeared.  It seems so long ago we were at Fergus and Rose’s wedding in Baltimore and then driving north with the little girls and then my driving them and myself to Canada and then two weeks of extreme busyness and one sort of less busy week and one week to decompress and now the last week of our time here.  It is not fair, summer should last longer or at least go by slower.  Is this the I’m old so time flies phenomenon or what???? I am not looking forward to packing up this place even if I will be back in a month. I just love it here. It is quiet, no stress, no commitments other than to myself, and people I love seeing and visiting with and doing things with.  I know I have those same things at home if I want them but still. This has been my life long dream to be here.  Oh well, each summer a little bit longer, more spring and more fall.

Today I had a grand discovery.  Not only did Sheila end it with Dick she had another fellow who I am not sure we are up to in the letters yet.  I won’t give it all away but I found a bunch of letters tied together with a white ribbon and lo and behold they were letters from this fellow she mentions in her letters – but nothing about what they were planning etc.  And then if that was not enough excitement I found two letters from her brother Maurice the family therapist it appears.  Who was Doug???? Maurice’s advice to her about this fellow is worth sharing and hopefully tomorrow morning I will have the time to transcribe his letter. It is pretty darn funny. Not sure if this is before or after her time in England. No dates to be found. But I think you will have a laugh over it.

Art Shaw’s book about Long Point is almost ready for the publishers and he came over today to check out pictures to see if there were any he could use in the book.  He found a few but in the process of getting ready for him to come over I found a treasure trove of old letters and items.  I think at some point I will do a story about Cousin Julia O”Connor Ivey “Iven” Hughes.  It is the saddest story you could imagine.  There are letter after letter of her adventure in life. I wish I knew the entire story of her life because I suspect there is a lot more to the story.   Once I get them transcribed I think I will try and figure a way to put them on here with some of the outstory as well.

In the afternoon we took a ride to Brockville to get my Honey some stuff for his running and some food. We made bruschetta after dinner and will feast on it tomorrow.  Kids, can you imagine your mom and dad cooking together in the kitchen… Yup we did.. After the grocery store we stopped at the Lynch’s to pick up some information about the Slack family triplets. Then home and had to stop again at the Lansdowne Fresh Mart to get basil which I forgot.. It was not great but at least sort of fresh.   So tomorrow before dinner or for lunch or for dinner we will have a feast.. and after the garlic we won’t be able to go near anyone for a day or so.

Here is a letter from Sheila.. Just about this day 71 years ago.

Sept 1, 1944

Dear All:

Received a letter from Dad to-day and can just imagine what fun you must be all having with the Laughland boys and wee Margaret.

I can’t believe that this is the first of Sept. it really doesn’t seem like the summer can possibly be over as we have only had 2 wks of summer weather here, but we did enjoy that.

I hope Mom and Dad have a perfect time on Sunday and hope our flowers have arrived by then.

We go on leave the 30 and as yet our bank books have not come through etc. Over here your pay all goes to the Bank and you get bank books and cheque, so much as I hate the ask, if they don’t come through soon, I shall have to ask you to wire me money for my leave, but if they come through in the next week or so I shall tell you and you won’t have to bother.

Giving us that address CGRU was bad as it mean No I Canadian General Reinforcement Unit and everyone figured it was No I hosp and you all put that hosp on my first mail and it all went to Italy as No I CG Hospital is stationed there, I have had 8 letter last week all mailed in Kingston in June, catching up to me now. I guess that is where Fergus first parcel for me went, also our bank books so evidently we will get them.

There is a page that will show you where exactly Patt is. I have underlined it.

Really have no news but want you to know where she is – so shall close for now.

Love, Sheila


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