August 30, 2015 – Cannot believe it has been a year……

A year ago we had just arrived in Galway Ireland and were beginning our big adventure over there.  For those of you who don’t know it is all on my other blog detailing each day of our four month stay in Galway.  While my dear husband taught and saw that his 19 students stayed on track I had four months that were like a dream come true except that never in my life would I have thought I could have four months in an Irish city with time to do what I wanted each day and just plain fun.  I was going to cut and paste a segment into this post but the hub is running slow tonight and I could not get into day 1.  So you will have to take me at my word, that first day we did a lot of looking around and pinching ourselves since we could not believe we really were there. For a couple of 70 and almost 70 year olds it was magical.

image image


Today was a fun day.  We went to Belleville and visited Maureen and Garry and after a visit and a yummy lunch outside we went and toured the Air Force Museum in Trenton.  It is a very nice place if you are ever in that part of Ontario.  They have all these planes – some very old, one recovered from the bottom of a Norwegian Lake from WWII and a drone etc.  They are moving all the exhibits in there so we did not see all the ones I saw on my first visit there a couple of years ago.

Then we went to Taste of Country to look at what they had today that appealed – I actually got two winter hats. not hats really but baklava’s.  Is that the word??? they are warm and will be great in the winter.   We went to dinner over on the Mohawk reservation at a place they like to eat.  It was a cute little place, kind of had a dinerish feeling about it. Then we headed for home from there.  It was a great day. We always enjoy visiting them because Garry cannot just sit and chat all day so we always get to see something interesting or take a walk by the water.  Good at least one of us is like that. And Maureen knows all the great places to shop in that area.  She helped us get our kitchen cabinets and our futon from over there.  I am thinking I will go back in the spring to do some shopping there since the futon is so comfortable and well constructed.  I want another one for upstairs as well as a chair and a bookcase and an area rug.  That will make it homey up there, and a reading light.

It is getting late so will end here and just add one of Sheila’s letters.


Dear All:

It is 5:00 am and I have been thinking about Pattsy to-night, she is on night duty too and it seems funny eh. I am on nites till the 21st of Sept, and as far as we know now we start our leaves on the 30th of Sept. Doylie, Bluie, Suddsy and I are going together.

Hope Mom & Dad have a perfect day on Sunday and that our flowers arrive safe and soundly on Saturday, for the occasion.

I received letters from Jeannie, Eileen and Aunt Madeline to-day and was so thrilled with them all.

So glad Norah & Milt are going over to see you all and know you will have a grand visit.

Do you think the war will be over on Sept 7?  All bets here on for then but I guess it is just wishful thinking on the whole, but Boy we are really covering ground over there eh.

Jeannie mentioned 3 girls were going into the Hotel Dieu as nuns. How else besides Morrissey’s sister? Anyone I know. I gather it must be Agnes’ younger one called Margaret, Is that right?

The place is quiet to-night, there has been hardly any planes going over at all, wondering why it is so quiet, how funny it is when the planes are usually rolling over and coming back about this time, but I guess they skipped a night.

Well dears, this is not much of a letter, but there is really very little news of any kind.

Shall close for now and shall write a better letter tomorrow night.

Love Sheila


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