August 29, 2015 – Hate computers. Great letter of love and family

I had planned to down load some pictures from our lovely day today and put them on here but this computer is acting up again and won’t down load the pictures. Can you hear me swearing at the computer?  You should be able to hear me..

Today was a lovey day.  Warm when the sun was shining and not uncomfortable when it wasn’t.  I did not sleep well last night and ended up in frustration today took a Claritan for allergies to see if that would help me sleep better tonight.  I have not had any sinus pain today which is the first time in two months.  Probably should have taken the allergy meds a long time ago but hate to take more pills.  So, although tired I was ready for an adventure.  Cheryl had told me that Mike was in a paintathon or some such think down in Rockport on the St. Lawrence River.  It was a two day event but our plan was to go today and we did. It was lovely down there and we walked around and could not find anyone painting but did find Michael. He was going over to where they were exhibiting their work and setting up to be judged.

Mike suggested we take a path along the river where he thought someone might still be working on a painting. It was very pretty out at this rock and there was a woman painting out there.  It was in someones front yard, a lovely big house with I am sure gorgeous views of the river east and west.  Must be nice to live in the big old houses with such character and grace about them.  I took a picture but you know that story.

We went and got an ice cream and then walked over to the reception for the artists. Met some nice people and chatted with them and with Mike.  Don’t know the outcome of the voting for the best work of the event but does not matter.  I would say half of them I might have enjoyed having hanging in my house and the others were of little interest to me.  Not my style or colors.  Mike did a cute little piece that no one else would have thought to do — he did a water color of the buses in the parking lot with all the tourists milling about.  It was a sweet little piece and something you see all the time in the summer in Rock Port but I will bet not many pictures of.

Denis and I took off about 4:55 since we wanted to get to 5 pm Mass at St. Brendans overlooking the River. It is a sweet little church with some family history attached to it. Not directly the grandparents but some of the “other” relatives – cousins etc. Then we went to dinner at the Pub down by the water.  I had a very good salad with Chicken and Denis shared his french fries with me.  It was a very pleasant evening and just after we arrived home Norah called and she and I had a great chat about her weekend, ours and some questions I had had for her.  She is excited about their birthday trip which starts next week.  Every year she and Andrew go on a wonderful adventure somewhere in the world to celebrate their birthdays.

So, now for letters from Sheila.  Do you notice she no longer mentions Jack?  I would love to know if she had written one letter home announcing that she was cooling it with Jack and that was the end of any mention of him.  Totally weird after reading his letters and then her lack of mention of him at all.  Ah, love and war. And I have to tell you this letter is so cute at the end I hope it brings a smile to everyones face.


Dear All:

It is 1:10 and I’m not a bit sleepy and all the patients are really sound asleep, so I have written letters to Jean, Eileen, Aunt Madeline & Honey O’Connor and now you.

There is really very little to say, as I sleep all day and work all nite, only this week the work is a cinch, as all my patients are mostly up patients and are all well and happy, so I just fool with them all and have very little to do

Sent Jean, Eileen’s and Aunt Mad letters on to Pattsy last night so she will also have them to read. Our leaves are causing a bit of a trouble, as there are the 4 of us going and Doylie & I want to go to Torkie, the place Patt raved so much about, for 4 days and then to Scotland, but Suddsie and Bluie want to go to Scotland and see everything but after all the adjusting I have done since I came to this county, I really feel like a rest for a few days, but in due course, it will all come out.

Talking about adjusting oneself, I really had no idea, just how much I would have to do, but I come out on top (conceited eh?) what I mean is, I am certainly very content and happy here, and have learned at long last that when something goes wrong or if you get balled out that the world just has not stopped altogether. I guess it is seeing exactly what the boys have gone through that made me realize just what a few little worries I have in a day are nothing.

I know you don’t mind my talking like this but I have really no news and I know you are interested in me – and that is also a wonderful thing. I think each one of you are swell and hope Momsy and Cutie Pops had a perfect anniversary as there are no two other people in this whole world deserve it more. You two are really pretty swell guys in fact, I kind of like you both, Love and kisses Sheila
Frances_Mary_Keating__O_Connor Fergus_Joseph_O_Connor


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      1. No problem. I think stories from the war are one of the best ways to understand what happened. Especially just how horrible it was for all the people who had to endure it, on both sides. My blog deals with World War Two, but I am still developing the ‘Personal Stories’ sections, right now I have mostly only a Sightseeing section so that people can visit actual places where the war occurred or where it is remembered.


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