August 28, 2015 – The Two Margarets

Today was a lovely day.  The sun shown and as long as you were in the sun it was warm.  Denis painted screens this morning and I did laundry and put away clothing and got ready for my afternoon jaunt.  Of course I did not get up until about 9 so it was a short morning.  I have been having a problem with acute tiredness, guess the old thyroid is out of kilter again. And from what I have been reading on line I think I have to take a different approach to this disease.  Of course there are all kinds of folks out there who claim to have the cure which makes me skeptical but since I have felt this way my entire life I figure what the heck, might as well chase a cure since it never dawned on me before that there might be an alternative treatment.


Anyway, had an early lunch and headed out to visit my cousin Margaret.  She is such a cute thing.  She is about 90 but you would never guess it.  She does not have much family but some of her cousins visit her about once a month and she seems to enjoy that and where she lives she is in a bridge group and participates in other activities.  She looks darn good let me tell  you.

We had a great chat.  She cousins on her moms side who live near Ottawa have a daughter who is teaching science for a year on one of these round the world ships.  Great opportunity for high school students for sure. She is 30 and Marg showed me the itinerary..  Totally impressed but would not want to be out on the ocean for days on end.  They have two times when it is 20 days between ports of call.  But I am all for others taking advantage of opportunities like this.

Then we got down to my business.  Marg looked through Aunt Madeline’s albums and was able to identify her parents, her brother and her uncles in several pictures.  Every little bit helps. Now remember  there are about six of them all together with little help in figuring out who the folks are.  Some are very old and some from the 50’s.  I have someone coming over next week and we hope to be able to identify a few more of the family members. There is one more person I would like to show them to  but don’t think I will have the time before I have to go home.  And I think I shall email some pictures to a cousin in California because I did find pictures of her two sons and since they are all on the same page I think the other pictures are of members of her family.  I love a puzzle but this one seems almost impossible.

How did you feel about Jack getting gently put down to a friend and not a lover?  I felt sorry for him but also suspect someone sat Sheila down and told her to calm him down.  Probably her sister.  I think if not already  then soon we will come up on the new crush in her life.  I will ask for your help when we get there.

Dear Eileen and Bill & Jane:

Received Eileen’s letter yesterday and was glad to get it and hear all the news from home. Hope you all had a grand visit with Norah, Milt and Boys. I bet Margaret is getting awfully sweet now.

Thank you again dears for the Laura’s, we enjoyed them so much and shall be very glad to get the cigarette too. Thank you both very much.

The hospital is not busy right now but imagine a convoy will arrive in anytime now. I really have no news lately as all I have been doing is sleeping or lolling around all day and working all night. Harry Murphy and Suddsie, Jack Hughton and I went down to Brighton last week, we intended to go to a play but when we got there, the seats were all sold out, so we went to a few pubs, which are really an education in themselves and then went sight seeing. The coast is really lovely and the board walk is so grand along the coast and it extends for miles. All along the walk are pavilions and dance halls, Museum etc. all closed, and all very modern, it must really be a lively place in peace time. But after 5 years, it is really a rather pathetic place.

The trains here are a riot and really I just could not travel alone at all because they are the darnest things anyone ever tried to go places on.

We have been told to get our Karki outfits fitted, not that it means a thing really, as they go from here to reinforce other hospital and they go as seniority in the army so we are right at the bottom of the list.

Our leaves come through around the 30th of Sept, and we are getting them together so we are now starting to make big plans (Doylie, Suddsy, Bluie? And I are the we)

Well dears, give Janie a big kiss for me and I do miss you all a lot but for the first time really appreciate what an A1 family I really have. Thanks again for letter, Laura’s and Cig. Shall write again soon,
Love and thanks, Sheila


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