August 17, 2015 – love the sky and what you can see up there.

Thanks to my distant cousin Tom Venney we were able to see the international space station fly by a few moments ago. It was so bright and you could actually see the panels on it.  For some reason it is in a lower position than usual. I think at 10 pm I will go back out and sit and watch the sky for a while. Last night it was gorgeous. One of the things I have always loved up here is how many stars we can see since there are no city lights to get in the way of looking up and seeing so much.

When Mary O’Connor Kaiser was alive she and I sat out many an evening with a camp fire going and just watching the sky and chatting for hours. It was wonderful.  So often we would see shooting stars and were like people at Fourth of July fireworks ooing and ahing over the sky.  Such wonderful memories from all times of the year.

Lovely quiet day. We discovered out little one who never asked about when Mommy and Daddy were coming to get them or cried over missing them now just wants to be with her mommy and was not happy when mom stopped at the house to pick up the frozen stuff out of our freezer.  She was happy to have a popsicle though.  This evening we drove down to bring them some other food items and also their clean clothes and she wanted nothing to do with us.  Sol has her mom reading an older kids version of Alice in Wonderland so she was busy with that.  Maybe I will go to the beach tomorrow and see if they would be interested in playing with me in the sand or the water.

It was a quiet lovely day here. We put together my new compost bin – added some wooden feet to it and drilled holes so air can get in.  The little one bit the dust and the animals were eating everything in it. Kind of a waste of my energy but the animals liked it.

This letter from Sheila was written 71 years ago today.  She had found out the new baby had arrived but still wants to know more. I don’t know about you but I find that Sheila’s letters do not have the same level of excitement that Pats had even when she was in England waiting to move on.  Sheila was a very different person and even Sheila writes that Pat would be finding a way to have fun out of working 12 – 16 hours a day. I wish I had known Pat, I have a feeling she would have been very fun to be related to as we grew older.


Dear All:
Well, I have had it now – so now I’m on nite duty. My first night and Suddsie and Doylie are both off and on days now. Just my luck, so I work nites and they work days.

I got Dad’s Cable yesterday and I’m awfully sorry I could not get Jeannie flowers as it takes 2 weeks for them to go so I just could not send them but hope she got the cable alright. I am anxiously waiting for particulars etc, in regards to name etc. I’m wondering if you have decided on a name yet, but hope to hear all detail soon.

Doylie’s brother Joe arrived safe and sound 2 weeks ago so Mary & I are going to London to meet him the week of the 27 so it will be a great reunion for them as Mary will be so glad to see him. As I told you we get a day off a week and it is the same at night we get a night a week off.

We are not so busy right now and hope it stays like that for awhile. Leaves are starting to come through again, so we are all making plans and talking of where and what we will do, the main point is of course if we will all get them together, I sure hope so.

I have some pictures of Patt & I which I shall send soon and I think they are really quite good.

I hope I do not go to the field for awhile as I certainly want to see a bit of England first. Though I would like to see Pattsy.
I had a short note Monday, enclosing lots of letters she had received and I enjoyed them all. She is working 12 to 14 hours each day. But Pattsy will have fun out of it all.

Well dears shall close now and love to you all and all the babies. Give Jeannie’s baby a big kiss for me.

Love & Kisses Sheila


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