August 15, 2015 – Sad day and Happy Day

Yesterday was a long day waiting for the parents to arrive.  Denis took the girls to the park while I packed and did laundry. They had a great time. Then they had a late lunch and mean grandma MADE them sleep. I think I scared them to sleep.

Since Mom and Dad were later than planned due to traffic delays we had dinner and then they were watching the Jungle Book movie.   Boy were they happy when Mom and Dad showed up.

It was a pretty long evening.. but although I woke up early was very happy not to have to get out of be until I was ready.. grandpa made pancakes for everyone, and mommy made eggs for herself and Little Bear. now they are playing and having fun until lunch time And then they will pack up and move to the cottage at the water and we will go to Loughborough Lake to visit the cousins.

Lots of good conversation about housing, segregation and discrimination this morning and also about angry people. good books to read etc. will talk about that more later..

Now time to gather the rest of the bedding for my little family…



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