August 12, 2015 – A grand night for meteor showers, NOT!!!!

For the last few summers every year on this evening when the meteor showers are their best we are loaded up with cloud cover. I feel like it is a conspiracy against me.  Why me? I ask every year.  I love to sit outside with a glass of wine and just watch the shooting stars.  It brings back such wonderful memories and yet lately everything seems to go against me being able to enjoy them.  I remember being down at the beach with my brother and his kids and our kids putting blankets on the roadway next to the water and just laying there and watching for a couple of hours just tons of lights in the sky. The children were in awe of the gorgeous site.  Some of them seemed to go from horizon to horizon. And there were the tails that seemed more like fireworks on the fourth of july than comets, they were so bright. And yet here I am tonight going out every 30 minutes to see if the sky has cleared and so far no such luck.  I hope those of you in other places in the world are able to see them.  A gift from nature we all should be able to enjoy.

Taking care of grandchildren is a gift as well.  Yesterday I found that I was hitting a wall that was very familiar to me.  I have just so much stamina and that has been the story of my life.  I have had hypothyroid and other autoimmune diseases since childhood and the thyroid did not get treated regularily until I was in my 30’s.  Having four children is a mystery in itself to me. Not being able to get pregnant is what many woman who are hypo experience. Not a problem for me.   Also weight gain is suppose to be a problem. my reaction was the opposite. When I started treatment I was very thin and gained weight after starting to take the medications. Go figure, being weird is totally who I am.

Anyway, the grandkids are a thrill to have with us.  I love the way they seem to be having such a good time here.  Asta counted the days on her fingers until she goes home. Pretty good for a three year old.   We have twice now taken them out to a park around 4 ish or 5 and let them play and then brought them back for a bath while I  got dinner and then fed them, watched Sesame Street videos and then stories and sleep. Seems to work out okay as long as what they want can be made pretty quickly.

I have been using the IPAD which is why no Sheila letters.  So I will put one on here tonight. Actually I just looked and since they are short I am putting up two of them.

3 Aug 44

Dear All:

I have really not much time as I am going to play cribbage very shortly but shall start this now and finish it later if I don’t get it done.

This afternoon Jack Hughton and I went biking, and as Jack has been here 6 months he knows the way around very well. We went to a place called Sloughham and really enjoyed ourselves very much. We went to the church and saw where most of Nelson’s people were buried and where his nephew, named after him was buried and then we went to see a remains of a very big monastery which was destroyed around the 14th century but the gardens etc has still been kept up and Jack and I wander in and really I was speechless, it was just exactly, as a kid, I had pictured Paradise – no kidding, one just felt out of this world. As I never felt like before, Big red roses, hedge with little windows cut in them, pond with ducks and water lilies and millions of flowers. We both just stood and stood, and the odor was absolutely magnificent, no kidding.
I enjoyed this afternoon so gosh darn much that garden was so nice, really Mom and Dad would have gone mad over the flowers, they were perfect. I had a day off and I really enjoyed myself immensely.

Well, I have to go now. So shall cut this short. Happy birthday and a big kiss to Janie dear. Also hope Jeannie is fine and not minding the heat too much.

All my love to you all,


Dear All:

Happy Birthday to Janie dears and shall look forwarded to hearing all about her reactions to her birthday cake, plus the reaction of being one year older. I wish I could have popped in for a piece of cake but shall eat a whole cake when I do pop in, not just a piece

It has turned into Summer at long last and boy am I glad. It has really been perfect these last 3 days and as we are on double saving time, it is bright till 10:00 and then comes the moon. It has really been grand these last 3 days just perfect summer weather, but I wonder how long it will last.

I got cigarettes yesterday, that I had sent myself at Truro while at Debert and was I glad as I had already borrowed 5 packs so now I’m set for a month anyway, so I shall let you know when and if I need some more.

I have had 2 letters from Pattsy and I guess from all reports she is really in mud up to her neck and that is no lie.

I am thinking any time now I shall be going on nights as Doylie is off and Suddsy has only 2 more weeks to go so as soon as they come off, I shall go on. You know me, all by myself but I’m trying not to dread it too much as that is crazy.
I’m on my hours now. From 10 to 2:30 we have longer hrs off on Sunday, which really makes it nice.

The hospital is full and I’m enjoying the work a lot.

Well dears, shall close for now and hope you are all well, I’m having a Mass said for Jean this week so hope she is not too uncomfortable and am dying to hear the verdict of it all.

Love and kisses to you all and give Janie a kiss for her birthday for me,

Love Sheila,_Slaugham     interesting article about the St. Mary’s Church.

And the picture appears to be where they walked and she thought it was like her vision of paradise.  Today it is a wedding venue and I can see why..

Slaugham Place ruins


2 thoughts on “August 12, 2015 – A grand night for meteor showers, NOT!!!!”

  1. Yes, it would have been nice to visit the house before the peeing dogs. I wonder, did you consider picking up a piece of discarded wood as a souvenir?


    1. No, the problem is one does not know what has been renovated in the past… Also, he designed it, did not build it himself.. At least we have old pictures of the outside as it was in the early 1900’s


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