August 10, 2015 – You never know who you will meet

Today was such a busy fun day.. Although I will,probably sleep,for a week after the next week or so it is worth it the fun I am having.  The lovely Norah left at eight A.M. But not until she had the girls check out their little birds in their trees and they found the fairies had moved them over night.  They were so excited,,   at ten we headed for the town beach and stayed there until noon, the. We went back to the school house and packed a picnic lunch and went to the cousins beach so they could play with Emmett.  they had a wonderful time in the water and pretending to fish and riding on the floats etc.

image image image image imageAbout three we got home and they went to sleep, very soundly, and I went to the grocery store.  amazing how much fruit two little kids go through… they have allergies and I wish we knew what to.

as I was leaving the store this car pulled in in front of me and the guy backed up almost to me. I was saying some un-nice words when he got out and it was Ted Kaiser.. Ops.. Good guy… We had a great chat and I also got to say hi to Cameron and his girl friend. felt lucky that I got to see them.   also ran into Bill Boulton who has a book coming out about Lansdowne in October.  I am very excited to read it.  he has done so much about the genealogy of the town, a great fellow.

It stormed awhile ago and I am wondering what the trees will be like tomorrow.  Tonight I plan to get to bed really.  All that sunshine made me very tired and I did not get an afternoon nap..


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