August 8, 2015 – Fairie Trees Adventure

last night at midnight my lovely creative kid friendly daughter arrived here.   Bringing with her tons of great stuff from the craft store for our project today.   After feeding the little kids breakfast we told them it was time to decorate their trees.  What excitement!!!

First they unwrapped the various items: bird houses, nests, tiny and large birds, doors, pin wheels, flowers, butterflies of many different colours.  Each item opened brought shouts of glee. then they found the glitter.. That turned out to be the most favorited item in the basket.

Each girl has a tree of her own.  so glitter was sprinkled all over the trees and the ground around the trees. The. They found the chalk pens, those were the second hit of the day.  They drew pictures and names on chalk board hearts and squares and the. Hung them on the tree.

Little Bears job was to bring the box of nails to Aunt Norah for each team to be hung.  Never a nail was dropped, she was so careful.  Each girl told Auntie where they wanted their items hung. the put on bells since when a fairy comes along it will ring the bell. They also had Auntie put some birds on the top,of each tree.  It was an all morning long project that turned out quite successful.  It is gong to rain later in the week and we will see what happens to every thing then.  Hopefully most of it will survive.

Then we had lunch out n the deck and they decided to use the chalk pens to decorate themselves as well as Auntie Noni.  That was another hours project.   we all slept this afternoon.

Just before we ate Ed walked across the street to tell the girls there are walking sticks on his house so we all went over to see them. then we invited Ed to join us for supper.  it was a mainly vegetable dinner so I knew he could eat what we had.  It was nice to catch up with him.  Now after a very busy day all the little people are falling asleep and so shall we be soon.




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