August 8, 2015 – Boy are we tired..

How did we ever take care of four little kids back in the day?  Entertaining two little girls for six days now is showing me how easily I get worn out.  So happy at nap time when the little one wants me to lay down with her and we both get some sleep. Tonight neither of them were in the mood to go to sleep so it was a “rather” late evening. The last one to fall asleep was at about 9:30.  Hard to get up and start doing things then.

They are so cute and so good it is hard to get frustrated with my own tiredness. I know where it is coming from and I just try and reach inside all the time and find joy is their silliness or testing behaviours. They are healthy and happy and although they miss mommy and daddy they like being here.

Tonight we took them to Petra’s Place for dinner.  For non-Canadian’s Petra’s is a permanent “chip wagon”.  She has some great food there and the chips are so good. cut and cooked there. Not frozen out of any bag.  The little kids shared fries and chicken fingers and Denis had a wrap which he loves and I had the chicken burger. Yes, I ate the white bread bun in spite of the fact that it is like a wonder bread roll.  If I was celiac I might have not done it but I give myself permission to eat some of those things just because I can.  I don’t dwell on it.

They have two little dogs there and the kids think I should get one like that. Cute, small and let them pet without going nuts. Of course they are not puppies which might explain the not going nuts.  I am thinking of in the fall getting myself a little thing. train it over the winter and then by the spring be able to bring it up here with me for company. Not that I need company but it might be nice to have something here with me. Might bark when someone comes to the door which would be good since I often don’t hear the knocking.  That or maybe I should get a door bell that rings in several places. They have those ones now that are by signal.

It appears my son is teaching his daughters some of his favorite songs.  The little one loves to sing and she was singing this song which was obviously not a kid song. Turns out she was singing something from “Queen” and when I asked her where she learned it – “Daddy taught me” was the answer.  She is quick with the words and knows the tune.  Could not believe it.

My lovely daughter is driving right now up this way.  She will arrive around midnight.  She is going to help the girls decorate a tree stump into a “fairy” house tomorrow.  I bought a lot of stuff for them to use and I cannot wait to see how it turns out. Husband does not seem to get what they are doing and why we would be doing it but I think it will be fun and fulfill some childhood fantasy of mine.  Think we will also hit the beach tomorrow afternoon and then have fresh corn for dinner and baby potatoes with tons of butter and fresh veggies and salad.  The five year old tells us she is vegetarian which is a good excuse to get out of eating the main part of the meal if you don’t want it.  They are both good eaters though. Tons of fruits and veggies all day, yogurt, water, milk, cheese and peanut butter. They certainly seem healthy.

My computer is inputting windows 10 as I write this and I hope it doesn’t decide to stop the works and do its thing and wipe all this out.  Anyway, will add a letter from Sheila on here.

3 Aug 44

Dear All:

I have had one letter from Patt to-day with a small note enclosing Dad, and Norah’s letter to me. Norah had written me a letter to No 8 so Patt read it and then passed it on so in that way we both enjoyed it to the full. I am sending all my mail on to her so is she and that way we get twice as much.

Be sure to get Laura’s and food off to Pattsy as the boys back from there say you look forward to it more than ever.

Mary, Doylie had a letter from Stub Brown and he says he, Jake ? (Urie or Arie), Bare Newsome and simply scads of D.O.K. boys are all in France. It certainly is too bad we came over just too late to see any of them eh – but Pattsy shall meet them all.

I’ve the day off today, so Jack Hughton and I are going on bike to see more of the country it is sure nice to be able to get away from the hospital and everything and I love to bike. Some of the spots around here are much the same as Ont esp Long Point, but there is not the same spacious areas of forest and trees etc, it is just small and it is beautiful.

I wrote a letter to Frank last week and told him I had arrived etc.

I am in my red shorts and a yellow shirts but I bet I’ll be cold before I get back and this is suppose to be a beautiful summer day.. They really have the darnest weather over here no kidding.

My room mate got 24 hrs notice to be in the field yesterday so last night my room was a bedlum to say the least and 10 minutes ago she left. Suddsy is going to move in, as Doylie has a grand roommate and Suddsys is a bit old as a matter of fact she would see 39 or 40 again, as it will be much nicer for both of us to room together.

Well dears, don’t forget to cable me about Jean and shall be praying and waiting patiently for news.

Love and kisses to you all and I miss each one of you an awful lot,

Love Sheila


2 thoughts on “August 8, 2015 – Boy are we tired..”

  1. They often mishear Queen lyrics worse than they are. “Kicking your can all over the place” becomes “kicking your crap all over the place” instead. But, yes, they love Queen & will sing it over and over.


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