August 6, 2015 – First day at the Beach

Hard to believe but today was the first day all summer that I went down to the beach.  It was sunny and cool but lovely down there.  The little ladies and I got ourselves ready and headed down. Stopped first to say hi to Murphy’s and then Margie and Katie stopped.  Good to see them all.  Brenda getting ready for the next shift of visitors.  Going to be fun since they have one the girls age so they can have a playmate on the beach.  And I guess on the weekend there will be a whole bunch more coming down for a visit.  I love seeing the third cousins meeting on the beach. My mom was so close to her second cousins since she had no first cousins and it is good that this is continuing and my second and third and sometimes fourth cousins I have met are great most of them.

Anyway, playing in the water and sun wore the kids out and they both slept in the afternoon. So did I.  We were going to go back to the beach but they decided not to.  The hummingbird feeder was hung up and we got to see them start coming again. Also the largest darn butterflies are on the thistle plants. So glad we did not cut them down like someone wanted me to.

What I love about these two little girls aside from their being my grandkids is the way they are being raised.  They have very little exposure to electronics. Not an over protected kind of thing but they just don’t watch TV or have their own devises.  They watch on Dad or Mom’s IPAD kind of things three videos of sesame street before they have stories at bedtime. IF they are sick at home they can watch a movie on netflixs but something well chosen and not over their heads.  And that is about it.  They see adults on electronics but they just go ahead with their play.

Driving up from DC was almost 8 hours due to long stops. They entertained themselves with stories and conversations. It was hilarious.  Same driving up here. They just chatter away, read books, color etc but don’t ask for anything from the adults. Every morning here they get up and head for the school house room and just get busy playing. I think of it as old fashioned play.  All imagination and creativity with no adult telling them how to play or putting a video in front of them. I wish I had been better about not exposing my kids to as much TV as I did when I see these kiddies playing.  I think ours were pretty good and at least were able to go out and roam the neighborhood even at 4 years old because of our circle being just that, a circle and they knew which houses had kids and which did not. And there were mom’s in every house keeping an eye on the area in front of their house.   These kids today cannot run down the street to a friends house at age 4. They will eventually be able to cross the street to their friends house or go to their friends who live three blocks or so away but now they have the area in front of their house to ride their bikes and trikes.

Anyway, great day had by all. Now the two little ones are sleeping and now it is time for an adult beverage… and a letter from Sheila.  She meets a fellow who lived by them in Kingston at their cottage on Dead Man’s Bay across from Fort Henry on the east side.  Small world I am sure she loved that time chatting with him about home. I tired for a second day to add a picture to this but I keep getting error messages so it will have to wait. Sorry.

2 August 44

Dear All,

I am just sitting on the bed waiting for dinner so shall start this letter and finish it evidently some time I hope.

Doylie and I went down to Harley last night to see Mary Fleming and Kay Shepherd Murphy (she married Spud just before she came over). Mary had to go to some meeting or other and we didn’t see her at all but the 3 of us had fun any how.
We went by train and never will I forget trains in England. I wish I were good in composition as one could really write a story just on them alone, you get into the station and they punch your tickets and tell you the no. of the track. There on the track you stand and a train comes in and there are no conductors, no nothing you get on and hope & hope you’re on the right train. Really it is a riot. I don’t know what happens if one train is late as all you can count on is the exact time, the trains have doors from each compartment touching the others so in you get and sit down and no one comes near you. Doylie and I had fortunately counted the stations so at the 3rd stations, out we pop- not really knowing if it was right or wrong – but it was right. Good eh. Really no one tells you a thing or cares about you – you only see a ticket man at the gate on the way out and in – it is really something.

We met Kay at the station and went to a pub. We were setting there and a long came some officers and started to talk. You know “where are you from etc” and one officer said to me “oh are you from Kingston, I was born there”. At once he got my full attention. His name is Erne Mathewson and he was born at Cartrights Point. His mother was a Cartright so at once we were pals. He is an older boy about 40 and it certainly was grand to talk to someone about the camp – Dead Man’s Bay etc as we could talk about it all. He remembers the mob in the first cottage by the name of O’Connor. It is really a small world, isn’t it.

Well dears, this is all for now. Shall add more news in the next letters but I just seemed to get rambling on and couldn’t stop but hope you can understand it all.

Love to everyone and Happy, Happy Birthday to Janie.


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