July 31, 2015 – A slightly more possible relation and royalty to boot!



In Aunt Madelines Scrapebooks are many articles about the Dukes of Norfolk.  and I found a handwritten note by her explaining the relationship. and I quote:

“Great, Great Grandmother Howard was a cousin of Catherine Howard one of Henry the XIIIs victims. she married a Talbot, then Great Grandmother married Arthur McMullin and their daughter Sarah married Arthur McArdle father of Andrew my gr gr grandfather.  Andrews daughter Emily married Charles O’Connor.”

“Aunt Kate Donnelly, eldest daughter of Andrew McArdle, inherited the Howard Coat of Arms rom.crest from Grandmother McArdle but she gave it to her eldest son Terrance and we have never been able to see it t o get it copied in anyway.”

She also clipped an article about the ancestry of the Norfolks. they were Catholics going back hundreds of years.  there was a Cardinal Howard, also PhilipmHoward, the 23rd Earlmof Arundel. Philip defied Elizabeth the first  by not renouncing his faith and was put in the tour and then put to death there.  then there was Lord Howard from Effingham who led the British Fleet against the Spanish Armada and kept Elizabeth on her throne.   the much less fortunate Anne Boleyn and Catherine Howard as wives of Henry XIII did not fare so well. Catherine was a Godchild of Katrina  ofSpain “A Blossom from Norfolks Tree” The Aunt of Madelines Gr Grandmother.  “this was revealed to me (Madelne) by Esmeralda Howard and Paul Claudel on Feb or March 25”

So looks like some work needs to be done here to see if the connections can be proven.  certainly an interesting tale to be told.   another day to spent in the archives in Salt Lake City…


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