July 30, 2015 – the maybe relative

In going through Grand Aunt Madelines scrapbooks I found articles about an Andrew McArdle who she says was her mothers first cousin.   He came from Glasgow and had a brother there who was a physician.  I Have found some records about him on line.  He became a priest And spent time in China and in Australia. he was stationed in Huchow China and went in 1933 to preach a retreat in Chuchow for a group of Priests from Canada.  there were 16 priests at the St Francis Xavier Seminary not two came from the U.S. The rest were Canadians.   The goal of the sixteen priests was to convert 1.5 million Chinese in the province of Churchow.. Big job especially in the 1930’s might also have been dangerous.

I am not sure how to figure out how he was related to Emily McArdle?  DOes this mean that Andrew was born in Glasgow?  His mother was from County Tyrone but then where was his father living when he married and where did his father come from???  I might just pursue this when I go t Salt Lake City in October.

Madelines scrapbooks present me with so many mysteries,  I have taken pictures of the items from the scrapbook.


image image

Hope you enjoy the mystery as much as I do.  Now to solve it….


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