july 29, 2015 – heat event in the US…

Boy is it hot and as a result this week has been very interesting.  We now have a new refrigerator. And as they were taking the old out they dinged our door.  So now we have to see when they can come to repair our door.

So we went out to a movie to see “Mr Holmes” It was very good.  If you like Sherlock this is a story about him when he was an old man.  Enjoyed it.  On our way home we stopped at a new frozen yogurt shop.. Son and his wife had told us it is really good   and wow it sure was.

this weekend is a big family wedding so there will be no blogging unless I decide to put some pictures of the wedding.

So will post a letter from Sheila tonight and tomorrow if I get things ready will tell you about another family tale that no one knows how accurate it is.  Need to find some proof.

Surprise – the next letter as I go down the transcriptions is from Jack to Sheila’s sister Mary.

25-07-44 Miss Mary O’Connor / 193 Earl St / Kingston Ontario from Jack Gray

Lt. J.A. Gray

Tansit Camp Debert N.S.

Dear Mary,

First of all Mary I wish to apologize for delaying so long in acknowledging having received Sheila’s Picture and your letter but like all army personnel I have an excuse; namely pressure of work which has been slightly terrific during the last week.
As for the picture itself I am afraid it would be necessary for me to use a few Hollywood idioms in order to describe my appreciation but then perhaps I am predjudiced.

No doubt you will have realized that by now my leave is only a memory. Due to the work mentioned above it was necessary for me to return to Debert via the most direct route some three days in advance of the date I had expected. Hence I was unable to visit Kingston and take advantage of your invitation. Please tender my thanks to your parents in this connection.

There is still no news of when I can expect to get across the pond, although I am still pestering many; often. By the looks of things at present it would appear that the necessity of sending troops to the European theatre will be past very soon.

Well Mary I am afraid that I am forced to bring this note to a close. They tell me that our quarters will not be tenantable to nite due to painting and that every man has to find a place to sleep for himself, so on with my running shoes before the news gets to widely spread.

Again my most profuse thanks to you and your parents and au Revoir until some not too future date when I shall hope to make your acquaintance.

Sincere Regards¸


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