July 27, 2015 – the stories that change depending on who is telling the tale

When Uncle Martin Meagher died his wife Kate O’Neill who was my grandmothers Aunt moved in with the O’Connor family.  My mother told me a few times about aunt Kate.  Then I read what my Uncle Ferg wrote about her in his memoire – “Because you asked for it”.   He remembered her as this wonderful woman who bought he and his brother clothing and doted on the boys. She bought them nice suits and took them shopping etc.

Well, that is the total opposite of my mom’s memory.  My mom told me Aunt Kate was mean to her mother and would criticize her and make her mother cry.  My mother “hated” aunt Kate.  When I read Uncle Fergs story I told his daughter Mary that it was so interesting that the two children had such different perceptions of her.   Guess it is like my brothers each will tell different versions of what it was like in our house growing up.

Just a word of caution to those reading the thoughts of others about family. So much is based on perception or passed down stories that have changed over time. Even documentation if it  is ones written memories there is no guarantee that it is fact.

Now for my last two days.  Yesterday we discovered that something was the matter with the freezer and frig.  everything in the uptop freezer was thawing.  Just what we needed to happen on a short week.  But today, well this afternoon we found out it would take more than $1000 to fix it so it is going and a much cheaper version is arriving on Weds.  The dead one was only three years old.  Not a good thing and being told the day of the long lasting anything is gone and figure anything will last about  5-10 years max.  What is the matter with this country?

Now for Sheila


Dr. And Mrs. Fergus O’Connor

193 Earl St.  Kingston Ont

Dear All,

Should have just kept on but had addressed and sealed the other one when I realized I had not told you any of the local news when I wrote last night, hope I was not too serious but I was in a serious mood last night, but I know that you love me in all my moods so I shall make this a socialable chat – (rather conceited in that above sentence eh – the Irish in me – no doubt).

Had a day off Saturday and 4 new girls around here that had come over with Mary Fleming, so I found out she was at 21, and so we phoned her and has a good old chat. Then Suddsy and I (Suddsy is Mary Kennedy from Sudbury – so she has got the same name) went to dinner, and Harry Murphy sat with us and in the course of the meal announced that he was going down to 21, in the afternoon as it is just 9 miles from us, so Suddsy and I went with him. Theresa Shannon (Dad knows her) is there and she is Suddsy’s first cousin, so we went down and she visited Theresa while Mary and I had one grand talk and visit. It was so grand to see her you have no idea how much fun it was.

Evidently I had started a letter to Jack there – didn’t notice it sorry – Then Sunday, Mary and Ann Tepensko (that very good friend of the Christies) came down to see us and we had a good evening.

Mary F. Had Monday off, so she and Doylie and Suddsy went to Brighton but I could not get off so I worked, they had a good time. Phone Mrs. Fleming and tell her we saw each other eh – thanks.

I love England, as it is so fascinating but I would not have to be asked twice if anyone offered me a trip to Canada.

Well dears, I shall close for now as I should write to Jack and Carmel. Thanks for your letters and shall write again soon.

love to you all and a kiss for the babies.
2nd lieutenant S. O’Connor C.A.O.


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