July 26, 2015 – the missing two sisters

I have a few stories of interesting people on our tree.  This story is sad.   When my Aunt Mary died and I brought the boxes of family history items to my house I found several family bibles.  In one of them Daniel O’Connor had listed all of his children.  In all the previous papers and stories Daniel and Bridget was said to have had nine children but turns out that was not true.  There has never been even a vague mention of the two girls.

The first girl Catherine Mary was born in 1835 and died in 1850.  The second girl was Mary Ann born in 1837 and died in 1844.  There is no information on how they died or where they are buried. I have tried to find them in several of the books I have of Leeds County Cemeteries with no luck.   It is one of those family secrets that are hard to resolve.  Because they died in different years one assumes it might have been sickness.

In this family it seems very strange that no one ever talked about it.  In reading the old diaries I would think someone might have mentioned their deceased sisters but nope, not a word.   I hate family secrets.  But at least we know they existed even if we have not found anything else about them.

So back to Sheila.

Dr + Mrs Fergus O’Connor,    193 Earl Street, Kingston, Ontario, Canada
24/7/44/       #13 C.G.H.

24 July 1944

Dear All:

I am lying on top of my bed and it is about 8:30 just got off duty about 15 minutes ago as we are starting to get casualties into the wards, and where I work has been medical but this afternoon I admitted 28 surgicals to our ward back about 1 week from France, all darn good heads but they are all so gosh darn young, averaging from 19 to 25.   Just boys really but as I said – all real good heads.

I am tired but I can say, I enjoyed it all, as you really feel as if you are in it all when the ambulance drives up and they call our stretcher bearers out and 10 come in per stretcher the rest could walk. Also the English Red Cross are grand. On hearing the news that boys were back from France they came about 6:00 o’clock with cigarettes, choc bars, and another lady following with tooth brushes, shaving, etc as the boys loses or mislay so much. The English Red Cross is really doing a good job of it all. They are really wonderful people but like that, but otherwise I’m not very fond of them all.

The doctors here are very good too. Some of them have been over here too long though and at this point are fed up with it all, but when they see them all come in, like they did to-night, they are all willing to do anything for the boys, it is a good spirit all around.

I got two letters to-day, one from Marg telling me just how much she loved being home and what a grand rest they all had and how she had got caught up on all the latest news, she was very very pleased with her holidays and I can realize how thrilled Mom and Dad must have been to have her.

Also received a really darling letter from Eileen. It was a grand letter Lizzie and I loved it. Be sure to have Janie say her prayers for me every night as I shall certainly appreciate them. I can imagine how sweet she must be, I wish I could pop in, even just to brush her hair. I shall love the Laura’s when they arrive.

Hope you didn’t mind my asking you to send cig + candy as this food is my main interest in life these days and I shall love the Lauras. Well dears this shall be all for now as the paper is all gone. Pattsy has left me definitely but do not know her new address as yet.

Love + Kisses

S. S.O’Connor N/S C.A.O.


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