July 21, 2015 – Book reading front to back

Yes, I know some people are shaking their heads and asking “what is this woman talking about?”  Well I am talking about reading a book backwards. Not the words backwards but a chapter at a time.

A long time ago I became totally frustrated with a book, it was going so slowly that I was almost yelling at it.  So, to calm myself I went to the last chapter and read it. Now I knew the conclusion but wanted to know more so went one chapter back and read that one. I read backwards until I was satisfied and then went back to where I had left off and read to the last chapter I had consumed. It felt so much better.

I don’t do that in most books if they are moving fast enough or are a classic by a great writer. But the dime store type novels that are for the sexy quick read with some murder and mayhem I will do that.  One of my projects this summer is to read down the collection we have here and donate the books to the library.  Some I have really enjoyed so much that came from my cousin Maureen.  The Irish Doctor series is fun to read and meets summer reading qualifications of not too serious.

This week I started one of those love story books with murder etc  I am not sure if I read it before but I think I may have 5 – 10 years ago.  So after a few chapters I decided last night it was time to take some action. And therefore I have been reading backwards, hoping to come to a place where I can say, yes for sure i read this before and now I can stop or at least I know the end of the story – totally formula but that is okay.  Am enjoying finding things our in reverse order.

Writing in the afternoon I don’t usually do but I am waiting for paint to dry.  Once I get the coats of paint on the window trim and a little bit of the floor border I will be done with the bathroom.  It looked so good when it was finished 8 – 10 years ago but those darn doors that look so nice but are made of fiberboard and don’t seem to hold up well to the damp and cold winters.  Might just have to go and see if there are any old wooden doors up in the barn that would fit the bedrooms.

Ah the adventures of old age.  And now to the adventures of WWII.  I cannot get over the difference between Pat and Sheila. I wish like crazy Pat had lived long enough for us to remember more of her and know her more.  Sheila was always a darling person and seemed to have lots of internal emotional pain.  I remember that in her later years – 50’s- 60’s when she went to church she would not go to communion.  That must have been hard up here with the family. The stress of shaming that took place for years in the church.  I could go on about my feelings about anyone shaming a child or an adult because that formed so much of my feelings about myself and others but I won’t right now. I am working up to an exposee about myself and my feelings but I am not ready for it. So let’s get back to Sheila.  I just found a picture of the members of number 13 Canadian General Hospital from 1944/sept.  In the close up of the nurses Sheila is second to the left right beneath the light

image image image

Dr and Mrs Fergus O’Connor,

193 Earl Street, Kingston, Ontario, Canada

Monday 17 July 44

Dear All:
I’m sitting in bed in pyjamas and it is twenty minutes to eight. Just saw 20 planes fly over so hope they all get back O.K. You really see a lot over here and some day in front of the fire, I shall tell you lots more about the place and everything.

I shall definitely not be seeing Pattsy again as I know you were all thrilled with our cable, but never will I forget the feeling I had when I picked up the floor telephone on the ward and said “Ward Q, Sister O’Connor speaking “ and the man said “just a minute” and then came the voice “Good-day Shelias”. Really I feel so gosh darn glad and glad through and through, we talked and then she came up the next afternoon, the same old Pattsy and as cute as ever, she really looks swell, she has a tan and her teeth are whiter than ever. We talked and talked but mostly we just looked at each other and laughed and laughed. Everyone around here thinks we talked and walk the same but nothing about looking alike.

I received Mary and Mum’s letter to-day dated the 8 +9 of July and was I glad to get them really I was so gosh darn thrilled as it was only a week since you had written then, so everything seemed near and close. Also very glad to read the little note from Margaret, yesterday got one from Madeline (a sweet letter) and one from Misty and he is the cutest guy. I really loved his letter it was so Misty’s like that I loved it.

Mary’s news about Mr. Warington leaving amazed me to know end. I just can’t get over it. Hope your new boss is snoggy as all get out and hope you like him.

England is the darnest place – such weather – to-day was the very first day that was nice and it really was perfect. I was off at 6:00 so Doylie, Suddsy (Mary K) and Betty Crites all took bikes and went for a long ride, wearing shorts and was it ever good. It is a very strange country, sometimes it looks just like Canada, then you see the people and really begin to wonder – who is crazy you or they. They have main pump on the front streets and you see the strangest faces – it is all very unreal and everyone of us feel as if we are in our own little beds just dreaming, but then we realize that all this is not a dream. I’m write on random to-night but I guess that is typical of how I talk eh.

Well dears, this is all for now. I miss you all, but realize just how much you all mean to me and am profiting by all this new experience.

Love + Kisses
Sheila S. O’Connor N/S C.A.O.


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