July 20, 2015 – Love sleep – Hate drunk drivers

Today was not a do nothing day but certainly started late.  When I opened my eyes and could finally focus on the alarm clock across the room I was shocked.  “It could not be correct could it?”  Ah but of course, it was correct.  11 a.m. on the dot.  It took a few minutes to actually move but I got up and stumbled into the bathroom and then as I walked back to the bedroom I saw my handsome fella sitting reading in the living room.  “I was getting worried about you”  “Cannot imagine why” was my response. He is so cute. I was really out for the count but felt so much better.

A lovely start to the day.  After some breakfast and tea I decided it was the day to get the vacuum out and get to work on every room in preparation for the little girls to come.  I cleaned for two hours then realized I had said I would go to the bank so after a little bit I headed out to Lansdowne to the bank. I love that you need one card and they can access any accounts so I did not need to have the number with me.  I had made Denis get it for me just in case I would need it.  So the money will be there to have the trees cut down. I then headed to the market and got some extra things we will need for this week. And the LCBO for some wine and beer.

The drive was lovely today. The weather was warm but not terrible and there was a breeze.  D had been mowing the lawn all day and was soaked.  I really need to chip in and help next time. I could do part of it I am sure. He seems to like our new used lawn mower. If we were paying to have the grass cut it would have already paid for itself.

I wonder if the things we see on Facebook are really helpful.  Three times this week I have read about terrible DWI crashes where the dead folks were wonderful upstanding citizens and the living was the driver who was drunk.  There seems to be something so unfair about that.  It makes me so angry that people just don’t believe driving drunk they might kill someone. The drunk driver believes he or she is a good person who would never hurt another person.  They can get home even though they have had more than a little bit to drink.  It is such a sick way of thinking.  So I read about a man who lost his wife and two children, a bridal party out at a Bachelorette party but riding in a limo for safety – four bridesmaids dead, the bride and one other in critical condition, and today a lovely woman whose goal in life was to improve the world we live in and a teacher as well who worked in the Community Gardens in Troy and taught in two different college programs. – all dead because of three people who thought they could drink and drive.  Makes me incredibly sad and I wonder sometimes why do we bother to continue to try and educate people who just won’t listen. All we are doing in frustrating ourselves. I think of my friend who was a victim support person for MADD.  What does she think when she reads those news items? IF she were still in that job she would be now working with some of those families trying to help them to cope. It just be so hard to get up and go to work sometimes.

Anyway, let’s move on to other things.  Let’s read one of Sheila’s letters.

Dr and Mrs F.J. O’Connor,

193 Earl Street, Kingston, Ontario, Canada

15 July 1944

Dear All:

I can’t seem to remember just when I last wrote but I want to tell you least I forget. My address is No. 13 Can. Gen. Hosp. You have been putting R.U. instead of hospital and it has been twice as long to get here. I got a sweet letter from Madeline + Maurice yesterday and loved them both.

I also got 2 parcels yesterday. A tin of lobster from Fergie and I shall really relish it, forwarded from Debert to here, and I got a sweet locket + chain from Jack, the sweetest + dainiest thing. Also got a long letter from Jack and he was on furlough till the 15th of July, so I doubt if he got my letters written on board, to call on you till after his furlough was over.

Was down to Brighton the other day. Mary K and myself and meet Patt there, we had a simply grand day. I saw Bob Daymond and he is the same as ever, only he isn’t half as tall as I expected him to be, funny I thought he would be 6” or so but he is only about 5’8. It seemed so funny. Also saw Max Malone and he asked about Skippy. Patt + I +he had a great talk on how Skippy ran the household and slept in the best chairs, funny the things people remember.

Doylie + Mary K are both on nights now and I’m on days as usual we never get the things the same time. I believe I saw Patt for the last time for awhile as she is moving on. But it was swell why it lasted as we saw each other about 6 times.
She came up last Thurs the 13th and we exchanged all our letters etc and had a good old talk.

Well this shall be all for now – why don’t you drop me a line Mary, as I haven’t received any of your letter since I got here.
Love to you all
S. O’Connor N/S C.A.O.

Brighton England

sussex brighton pier in the 1890 s sussex brighton children


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