July 19, 2015 – Sleepless nights but party on anyway

Yes, it was another sleepless night.  I had so many dreams it was unreal.  In one of them I was at a gathering of some of my cousins and their children and the reason was to confront the younger kids about their alcohol and other drug use. Don’t ask me why I would be dreaming about this.  There were very specific kids in this dream. Ones I don’t really know but they needed a talking to.  Go figure.  Then I dreamt I was at the wedding in two weeks and was in a bathroom crying over how hot I was and that I could not stand it any more. My granddaughters were trying to comfort me.  I can figure out where than comes from but still.

But the craziest time last night was when I was obsessing about cancer and thought I should write about it.  It is all about my mothers side of the family.  Mom was the oldest of 8. 50% of them died from various kinds of cancers. Questioned a lot of doctors about that and finally was told there is a gene that just predisposes you to cancer – not a specific type.  That seems to be continuing in the next generation as well.  At one point there were 26 of us first cousins. Two died before the age of 21 which brings us to 24 who lived to be over 21.   So far of those 24 – 9 have had cancer and 6 of those died from it. Two others have died but from other things.   That is 37.5% cancer rate for the 24 of us. Only one family group has had no cancer deaths other than their father. I have always thought this would make a good study group since we know who all our first, second and third cousins are from this specific group of people.  It appears that in our group the cancers were of a variety of types and not many of the treatable ones.

At one point I asked a couple of my cousins if they were concerned or thought about this when it comes to their own health and they agreed it is a concern.  My doctor insists on all the prevention tests because of my family history.  My parents did not have cancer but two of my brothers have had it. IN fact my mother was a pretty healthy person other than some glaucoma.  When she died at 92 she was on no medications and she died from stopping eating. We all hope we got her good genes for longevity. With my lungs I kind of doubt it but we shall see.

So enough of that.  The day was actually darn nice here and one open for new adventures.  We were invited to and attended a neighborhood pot luck picnic.  Lots of folks went swimming but I passed on that and had a good catch up with my great neighbor Lynn who I have not seen so far until today.  She has been very busy and I have been too. After we got home I sat on the deck and finished my book and then invited Denis to have a drink and some brushetta and cheese outside with me. We had a nice time.  It is early for me to be writing but I think it will be an early to bed night.. have to catch up on last nights hardly any sleep…  I figure 10 hours and I should be a happy camper.  Still coughing but trying to ignore it.

Sheila’s letter got me thinking today – did the cigarette companies offer to send smokes directly to the troops to make sure they kept up the habit/?? Great way to keep people smoking. Sad to say. Here is an article about what the push was to have the troops smoking.  https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Smoking_in_the_United_States_military  I found some other articles that showed the increase in tobacco smokers by the end of the war and how the rate of lung cancer was going up at a huge rate. Pat died of lung cancer so I guess she would be among those numbers.

These letters were transcribed by my cousin Susan and I have not had them out to check the spelling of the peoples names. I think I need to do that as there are some strange last names showing up. Maybe they were strange or maybe it was hard to read Sheila’s handwriting. We shall see. I also found some of Jacks letters to Sheila. I will work on writing them up to add to this story. We know nothing happened in the end since no one living ever heard about him before or since.

10 July – Post Officer Field – No 12

Dear All,

I received Mother’s letter to-day, written 3rd of July and really it was perfect. I am just beginning to realize just what mail means and boy do I love to get it. So write me a letter eh Mary, and tell me all the news.

I was so glad you got my letters and I can see you + Major Kennedy looking at maps etc and so glad you were talking to him. Mary is the sweetest thing. I am so glad she + Doylie are with me.

I am all settled here now and really enjoying it all very much. I had a pleasant surprise yesterday I saw Father Mooney. Gee it is nice to see someone like that. You get such a thrill. He is very well and just the same.

We have been biking all over the place and seeing all the different little villages and towns and it is such fun to see it all but it is hard for me to realize that it is not just another part of Canada. Some of the place look just like place in Canada but just a bit different.

We are not really working too hard. I am on Medicine and after 2 weeks, I now am just knowing my way. I went very quietly at first but now feel I know my way a bit. In fact now I’m getting a whiz at taken blood for W.R. suph level etc. Much to my amazement. There are a lot of cases that would interest Maurice a great deal. Pour lads they are all under such a strain to say the least.

O + Mary K. Went over to Upvilla Saturday night to a Mess Dance with the Orgyal + Sutherland Highlander and we had a real grand time. I was with a Bill Bie, an M.O. McGill `39 a very good head. We both had a lot of fun. Yesterday was Sunday and I worked till 2:30 and then went out with Jack Hughton, Mary K., Harold Murray and just went for a walk and then back to the Mess.

I have received one letter from Jack so far, a very cute one. Thanks Mom + Mary for getting that picture for Jack, and I am sure, he will be glad to get it.

Well dears, I am going to see Patt to-day so I shall write Tues or wed. Hope you are getting all my mail now that it has started to come.

My address is #13 Gen. Hosp. Mom, you don’t put R.U. after it as I’m no long Reinforcement as I’m at #13.

Thanks again for the letters and Love to you all

Sheila C.A.O.
P.S. Mary will you send me some cig. through the tobacco company.


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