July 18, 2015 – Not the best of days

Time for honestly. Have not been feeling great lately.  Have a cough and my vocal cords seem to be clogged up or something. Don’t have a clue but do wonder if maybe I have a royal thrush outbreak which had happened before thanks to my steroid inhaler.  Might be causing the malaise I am feeling as well.  Not getting a lot accomplished which does not make me happy either. I think I need a three week course of the medication that kills of fungus etc…

Last night instead of writing I played solitaire and read my book.  Just did not want to face the fact that I feel crappy. Outside is okay except for the deer flies that are biting. And of course last night the mosquitoes were out like crazy because of the dampness. Not in the house much but we had to go out to talk to a tree guy and it was darn uncomfortable being attacked like that.

We were going to the Lansdowne Fair today but decided not to. The weather goes from being threatening to sunny and what do we really want to see at the Fair?  In my current mood nothing in particular.   So instead we are going to Athens for church and then to Petra’s for dinner and then back here.

Denis is almost done painting the windows.  I have finished the three bathroom doors and only have to do the window trim. Then the bathroom will be updated.  Although I don’t think the tile on the floor was ever sealed and that might be a project for the end of the summer. I will have to learn how to do it.  The next decision is what about the other doors. They all have the same problem,they were never painted in the first place and seem to pull in dampness.  Maybe I should paint them the same as the trim in each of the rooms. That might be fun… I could do that in the fall when I am here by myself.

Anyway. back to Sheila’s letters.

06-07-44 (JULY)

Dear Mom, Paps and all:

I received a letter from Dad + Mom to-day. Dad’s written the day he received my cable and Mom’s writing before that. I was so glad to get them, they were so swell.

Awfully glad you like my pictures so well, I am sorry I didn’t see the finished product but shall sometime.

I am enjoying myself very much, saw Patt last Tues, Fri and Sunday so now we are caught up on all the news and letters of the past and really as you can imagine it was grand.

Patti looks so cute in Khaki, she wore her slacks once and her skirt twice, so I could see her in both and she really looks darling. Haven’t heard from her since Tues but imagine she will phone tomorrow, Thurs

Had 5 letters to-day, the 2, I mentioned, one from Patt, one from Jack Gray, and one from Carmel, which was mailed the 25 of June and I got the 5 of July, that is the fastest yet. I was so glad to get it.

I hope you told Mary Fleming I was at No 13 because if she comes as Reinforcement she can ask to come here so if you phone her mother and tell her to write that to Mary just in case she sits at Debert awhile and I would love to see her.

Carm told me about Mr. Carty. I was nearly sick. Those poor children and poor Mrs. Carty. I really feel so sorry for them all.

I had a grand time yesterday. We get a day off a week so Mary K. And I (Doylie is still on nites) Jack Hughton and Harry Murphy went to a little valley village about 5 miles from here on bike. and it was be beautiful. We had a lovely time in a sweet little place built in 1516. It is amazing. Then we went to the village church and had a grand old time, reading all about the first people form 1200 on. It is all so amazing and unbelievable to say the least.

Pat just phoned so I think I shall go down to see her as I have a 4:00 off.

So shall write soon and all my love


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