July 16, 2015 – Touching message

Today something I had hoped would happen at some time actually happened. I got  a message from someone who had read the blog who was able to tell me a story about my grandfather.  The fellow was a young boy and his grandmother brought him to Grandfathers office at the house and he diagnosed the boy as having type I Diabetes.  Grandfather drove the boy and his grandmother to the hospital which was several blocks away.  I was thrilled to get the message and that he remembered my sweet nice grandfather.

Then my brother Milt posted on facebook some videos he has put on youtube of the Canadian family when we were kids. I am in the last two videos. Once is quite cute with me toddling along and Aunt Connie coming up out of the basement where she had been doing laundry.  In each of the videos there are the cousins. In the first one Sheila Doherty is the only girl.. There were all boys in the beginning. John, Ferg, Maurice, Jim, Bill.  But eventually things evened out. There were 26 of us first cousins and 24 who lived to be over 21.  It is a wonderful family to be related to and I always count my blessings that I have such great cousins and their children are all very nice as well. And the next generation – they are so much fun to get to know. There are oodles of them. And more coming.  Our parents always enjoyed seeing us together when we were young and we have enjoyed our children meeting their second cousins and now our grandchildren getting to know their third cousins. Not all of them of course but enough to build some memories.

In our line there are 17 grandchildren of my mom and dad’s.  And those 17 have 11 so far.  Don’t think there will be many more but at least each of us have some. Some of my first cousins have lots of grandchildren and I admit I am envious. I would like to have a bunch but it is not to be. So, I just adopt little families as I go and love them like grandkids. My own two do not live near by so I don’t get to see them as often as I would like and moving to be near them is impossible.  Maybe when we get older but not at this point in time.

Anyway, today was a very good day.  We had a visit from our cousin Dan and his wife and their five children. The kids are adorable and so good.  They loved playing in the school house and after they discovered the loft that was where they wanted to go.  Not a great idea since the stairs still need work and there is nothing to do up there except taunt the others who were downstairs.  But typical kid stuff.  They also liked the big rock outside and the spaces to run around. I think we have to get some outside play things for next summer.

In the afternoon I painted the doors in the bathroom for the final time I hope. What a job, not really hard but the hands do get tired and sore.  Tomorrow I will start the window trim so it will be sparkling white as well and then I hope I will be finished. It sure looks better and I am no longer annoyed with it.  Now have to figure out what to do with the other doors. I could paint them the color of the trim in each room. That might be interesting.  I no longer like the way they look.

Let’s see what Sheila is up to today.  Sounds like she is getting out and about. Eileen and Ed Gibson lived in Kingston and actually lived across the street from Uncle Maurice’s family when his kids were growing up. Appears from Pat’s letters that she met Eileen in England and that Ed and Eileen might have met over there as well.

Dr and Mrs Fergus O’Connor, 193 Earl Street., Kingston, Ontario, Canada

2 July (1944) (8)

Dear All:

Today is Sunday, I can’t imagine a day in July like this at home, it is beastly damp and wet and cold, really it is cold. We had made plans for this afternoon, but now they will be all washed up. Patt is coming down to-day and Jack Hughton, the lab.tech. was getting Mac McPhee and the four of us were going on a picnic but now it is too cold for anything, so I guess we shall just sit around.

Pat and Lib Madden came down Friday and we had a lot of fun. Pat was asked to be Eileen’s bridesmaid on Monday July 3rd when she and Ed Gibson are being married but Patt can’t get to it.

So far I haven’t received any of your letters but wrote C.G.R.U. No 1 and told them where I was, so someday I shall get a lot. Haven’t had any from Jack either so there should be a pile. Got one from Carm, yesterday forwarded from No 1 and she told me how thrilled she was with my picture. Thanks again for giving her one.

Friday night Mary Kennedy, Jack Hughton, Harold Murphy and myself went on bike to a lot of the small villages around and it was so much fun seeing all the surrounding place, but I can’t get over how terrible far behind in civilization there are compared to us. Ancient places and such. Modern convenience are unheard of. We had a lot of fun and to-wards the end the nite Harry mentions Chesley. At which I jump. He went to school with Jean and his house is next door to Gramma Simpsons and he asked questions about you all and said he was 10 when they moved but he gets the Chesley paper weekly even over here.

Please send me the old Whig Standard and Register, it would be so good to see, if just to read the funny papers eh,

Well dear this shall be all for now. Hope to here from you all soon, as I know your letters are sitting at C.G.R.U. but they will catch up to me someday.

Love + Kisses to you all
Sheila N/S S.O’Connor C.A.O


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